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From the Story Arc: From Russia WIth Love

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Nicholai sighed "Is nyet goink wery well" he muttered looking at his fathers match for the 100th time. He cast his mind back over the last day, when Tigerbright had supplied him a name, Sam Jenkins, for him to contact over at the Paragon Public Access station. Sam was a young film major at Paragon University, and knew quite a bit about video, and how it was put together. He also, as luck would have it, was a Wrestling Fanatic.

When the Russian Battler walked into the croweded office Sam immediatly recognized him. Standing up so fast, that he almost over turned his table piled high with film canisters, DVD Cases, loose CD-ROM, and Video tapes, Sam was able to circumvent a near disaster.

"WOW! It's the Russian Battler....Junior." He said in awe.

Nicholai gave a polite smile, not really used to being recognized at a Wrestling Icon, but more as a Super Hero. "Da, but am not wrestling no, just to be callink me Nicholai."

"Are you sure?", Sam asked.

"Da, am wery positive....but what is with Junior part?"

"Well, you are the son of Ivan "the Russian Battler" Niekchiev, you even took his name as a wrestler....and Super Hero. I have seen all your and your Dad's matches!"

"Is good thing, because that is what I have comink here to discuss, father's match with Glittering Goon." Nicholai said hopefully. "Are you knowink of it?"

Sam nodded. "Oh boy, do I! It was a classic match! Full of throws, reversals, arm-bars, locks, near pin-falls, acrobatics, you name it!"

<< [i]I will need to thank Tigerbright for knowing exactally who I needed to see. He really seems to enjoy Wrestling.[/i]>> Nicholai thought to himself.

"Da, am rememberink. I was there in front row, watching with family."

"Hmmm. Really, I don't recall seeing any children around the ring", Sam said.

"Would you be happenink to have copy of this match?"

Sam shook his head. "We used to have it on film. The University had purchased the master copy of it a while back, but for some strange reason, it has gone missing. It isn't that unusual for this to happen. We are sorta like that building in Raiders of the Lost Arc...BIG ROOM, lots of boxes, no labels or organization."

Nicholai frowned. "Then cause is lost."

"Not entirely. Being a fan, I was able to obtain a copy of the all time greatest wrestling matches on DVD. Supposedly it was made from the master film. In fact", Sam said, and he bagan to rummage through the top of the desk, nearly toppling four piles at the same time, "here it is!"

Nicholai smiled. "May I borrow the DVD, am doink some research."

Sam smiled. "For you, sure!" He handed the DVD to Nicholai, who opened up the case. Nicholai frowned again. "What is the matter, Battle....I mean Nicholai."

"Am havink problem. I do nyet have equipment to be watchink the video."

"Follow me then." Sam led Nicholai to a small viewing room. "Mind if I watch with you. Six eyes are better than two."

Nicolai looked at Sam with a questioning look. Sam replied, "I wear glasses."

Nicholai smiled, "Would be honored to have company."

Sam put the video in the player, and pushed play. A large 54" TV screen sprung to life, and Sam selected the Glittering Goon vs. the Russian Battler from 1984. The two men sat down and began watching the match. It started out as every other match did, with the announcer making the introductions for the Main Event. Nicholai's father Ivan making it to the ring under the USSR's National Anthem. On the first note, Nicholai stood at attention, eyes never leaving the screen. He was scanning every inch of the display, remembering that day in his mind. His father was dressed in Black Combat pants, and a Red Tank Top, with a Hammer and Scycle on it, embossed in Yellow. The crowd was a mix of cheers and Boos. Then came the Fanfare for the Glittering Goon. It was an uptempo rock piece, and the Goon appeared in a shower of sparks and explosions. He was shirtless, wearing only golden trunks and matching boots. He was also wearing a full head mask. Dark eyes were painted on it, and an embossed double G adorned his forehead. He ran down the ramp, and hurtled into the ring. The crowd once again gave with a mix of cheers and boos. The Goon was known for playing dirty tricks.

The Battler and Sam sat there, and watched as the match started. Known even today as one of the greatest battles of skill and showman ship, both wrestlers hurled them selves at their opponents, diving off the top rope, throwning each other around like rag dolls, and putting on a good show. The ring was shown at all angles. At the end, Ivan appeared to be injured, due to a figure four leg lock that he was able to break free from. There was a tussle at the end, and the goon appeared to attack Ivan's knee. But Ivan was too wiley, and was able to put the Goon into a reversal, and won the match, but appeared to not be able to stand. He was carried off as the winner, hobbling on one leg, while the Goon laughed, as if he was the one who won the match.

Nicholai scratched his head. "This is nyet correct."

Sam looked quizzacally at the Russian Battler, "That is how it went down. Your pop won the match, but was injured, never to return to the sport."

"Was nyet thinkink about match. This film has been altered. I am nyet in any of the crown sceanes."

"Are you sure."

"Da. This film is wrong. We need to find the original."