From the Story Arc: The Enemy Within.

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(posted Friday, August 26, 2005)

The interior of the office was dark and out of date, stuck in the basement. For years his potential had gone unrecognized, year after year of loyal service had gained him nothing. In all his years of work he had never been asked to oversee an op. or to give a briefing, it was always the same thing, compile and analyze data.

“Things are about to change.” Singleton whispered to himself as he sat at his desk looking at the stack of newspapers.

The headlines of each paper read, “Komrad Vex robs MAGI!”, “Terror in Steel Canyon”, “Booster Max Gunned Down!”

“This is going better than I had planned.” He said with satisfaction as he sipped his morning coffee.

The U.S. government had been frustrated in its attempts to implement a government controlled Super Group of its own. The cause of the problem was incredible popular support for independent Super Groups who professed to fight for the common person. At the top of the governments shit list was the CCCP, a group composed of ex-soviet era heroes, and various other communist nut jobs from around the world. C.S.I.S. was aware of the group and monitored its exploits along with a myriad of other meta-human activities with interest. Of particular importance to C.S.I.S. was one of their ex-agents who had been captured during the 1970's.

Peter Vexton, or Komrad Vex as he was now known had spent almost 20 years in Soviet hands undergoing various medical and psychological experiments, which eventually imbued him with extraordinary abilities. It had been the hope of C.S.I.S that they would eventually be able to retrieve Vexton and harness his powers to their benefit. Unfortunately, it was quickly discovered that along with his physical powers, the Soviets had converted him into a communist poster boy, he was no longer suitable for government work and he was written off as a loss.

Vexton had dropped off the radar completely for over a decade, that is until the Rikti invasion. Now, a full time “Super hero”, Komrad Vex had found kindred spirits in the ranks of the CCCP and joined them. Vexton's position within the CCCP had been the reason the FBSA had contacted C.S.I.S., but the boss had declined, stating that Vexton was no longer one of the Firm's assets. When news of the refusal reached Singleton he saw his golden opportunity and secretly contacted the agent from the FBSA.

The FBSA was interested in finding a man inside the CCCP, someone who they hoped would be able to single-handedly destroy the group's public image. The ideal outcome would be for the group to withdraw from the U.S. or at the very least weaken it to a point where the government could establish its Hero organization to counteract the CCCP influence.

Singleton had known immediately that he could sway Vexton to join this mission, after all he had analyzed and written the report on the potential applications for the S.T.R.I.N. chip. He had negotiated the details of the deal and the compensation with an FBSA agent who called himself Security Chief Andrews. In return for the access codes to Vexton's S.T.R.I.N chip, Singleton would be given the means to reshape his future.

Singleton flipped through the newspaper until he came to the cover with the picture of Booster Max laying face down in the mud. Singleton had known of the relationship between the two men, but he never imagined the carefree Max would get involved.

“ Oh well, gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette.” He sighed as he planted his feet on his desk.

Once he had received his payment nothing could stand in the way of his plans.

As he reclined in his chair plotting his next move a forceful knock rattled his office door.He stood up slowly taking a moment to stretch, casualy walking to the door. In the hall was two large men dressed in all black suits wearing sunglasses and ear pieces.

“John Singleton?” one of the men asked in a flat emotionless voice.

“Yes, who are yo…” Singleton's sentence was cut short when the closest man reached forward and jammed a metal implement into his chest. A violent surge of electricity raced through his body, it felt as if every nerve ending in his body was on fire.

Within seconds Singleton was on the floor, his head slamming to the ground on top of his mail delivery. Just before he lost consciousness he glimpsed the headline of today's Paragon Times, “Komrad Vex Caught by CCCP Task Force”.