Some Great Adventure...

From the Story Arc: WCO Report: Operation Black Lotus

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(posted Saturday, August 27, 2005)

People's Blade sat outside CCCP headquarters at a simple patio table, enjoying the morning air. Beyond the small expanse of the garden near the gray, stark building was the gritty skyline of King's Row. The din of mid-morning traffic and people walking hummed about them. Only the occasional streak of some nameless hero arcing across the sky broke the illusion of a relatively quiet morning anyone could expect in an urban city. Fei Li sipped her tea and absently leafed though some reports and dossiers. Despite some reorganization and promotions, the influx of new heroes within the ranks of CCCP meant even more demands for field reports from Russia and China.

Fei Li's slender hand stroked one file in particular and her brow creased slightly. Across from her Soviette was engrossed in the Moskovskaya Pravda only occasionally stopping to drink her coffee. People's Blade could not quite understand the draw to keep up on events literally a world away. especially with all the odd happenings that occurred almost daily here in Paragon.

"Jadwiga," she looked up at her companion sharing her table, "did you gain any information about what had happened to comrade Chug since he returned?"

"Nyet, Fei Li." Soviette put down her newspaper. She brought up her steaming of coffee with both hands and took a small sip. "I am afraid he has not said much. I did request that Function 5 continue his oral sessions with him. Communard had originally offered but I was reluctant to since..." Soviette's face gave a small smirk. "Well, shall we say his last efforts with Chug were quite a fiasco."

"Here," People's Blade slid a small file across the table. "I had a conversation with Untermensch several weeks ago about this." Fei Li looked out over the garden and continued, "It was an internal report our Chinese Intelligence managed to get their hands on." She glanced back at Soviette. "Nothing came out of this other than some sabre rattling from American politicians, but I thought you could put this in Chug's file."

"I'll see if this can get a response out of him, Fei Li." Jadwiga looked over the documents and slowly went through the photographs. She stopped and looked at one particular photograph. "I am unsure if he will still speak of his ordeal, but it looks as if comrade Chug had himself quite some great adventure..."




Senator Smith,

As you requested I dug up a short brief on NASP. The hero is question is a current member of "The Coalition of Communist Crusaders of the Proletariat (CCCP)" based out of Paragon. I am still digging, but I do know he was in Cuba before coming to America, and before that hailing from Russia. Do you really think the Ruskies are using this guy to monitor our NATO exercises?

Senator Aid,
Frank Nells

Nonaggression Superbeing Pact: Drawn up by the United Nations in 1949, NASP was created shortly after WWII in the advent of the nuclear age and the beginnings of the cold war. After the atrocities of the Nazis, the Allied nations recognized that super beings could easily become agents for governments acting in a patriot fashion, but in the end potentially committing horrible crimes against humanity. Additionally, further tensions with Russia and the United States and their blossoming nuclear arsenal also placed urgency in deciding the role, if any, superbeings would have in future conflict. Threatened with the combined force of several superbeings, the probability of a nuclear response was becoming less remote. NASP was quickly drawn up as an agreement on the following points:

No nation's military army could enlist superbeings.

No superbeing could engage in an act of war unless the sovereignty of their nation was directly threatened.

No superbeing could be employed by a nation's government to be an agent for espionage, terrorism, or act as an agent of military aggression.

Over the years strict adherence to this pact has been hardly implemented by many nations. And continual research in superbeings has been common place for almost every nation. Still the idea of overtly using a superbeing as an enlisted member of a standing army has been avoided throughout many conflicts in the past century. There has been some suggestion in forming a group of superbeings to work as agents of the United Nations. This idea, in particular, has gained support with many smaller developing nations, where conflicts are no longed ones of a traditional sense with uniformed armies, but rather, conflicts with guerilla forces and armed militias. The use of superbeings to supplement UN actions in these theaters have slowly been gaining more worldwide support.

Original Message:

Shot from the USS HONOLULU (Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine) at the Arctic Circle, 280 miles from the North Pole.

This was taken by the US Navy working with Australia and Britain in joint NATO naval exercises out at the North Pole. Can you believe the gall of those damn Russians! Democracy my ass! I know Putin is just itching to bring out his commie chums from the woodwork once they can spin this as some US scheme to weaken Russia. I know they're are not supposed to be super freaks working for the military. Some kind of p*****foot pact drawn up by the UN after WWII. Dig up that information for me, Frank. I need some ammunition to drill it into those wimps on the Defense Committee when we meet later this week.

And find out what the hell that thing is on the ice!

United States Senator,
Jeff Smith