Status report: 7/26/2004

From the Story Arc: Mojiotok: Metamorphosis

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(posted Monday, July 26, 2004)

Comrade Commissar Workers Champion,

I am writing this report addressed to you because I'm hoping for a direct response. I find it quite odd that you have had no direct communications with me for past two months. Nor have we heard from other heroes on Russian central committee. All I hear are nonsensical directives issued on broadband communications. It is through this communication that I wish to address some of these directives.

1. You have issued a directive that there should be no non Russian members of CCCP. I ask you to elaborate on this directive. How can an American arm of CCCP have all Russian members? Is Communism strictly a Russian phenomenon? We were sent to America after Rikti invasion to try and help repulse Rikti attack AND to promote Communism to Paragon citizens. We began "Operation Hearts and Minds" to show American that Communism is not evil force they once believed it was. We have made much progress with this operation. We have heroes clambering to join CCCP! We screen all as best as our limited resources allow. We started Red Brigade as a seed group for heroes that are needing more training and discipline. We are growing and CCCP is premier group in Paragon. Why all this nonsense about only Russians being allowed in group? America is melting pot and many types of people here. We must show by example. If Americans look at us and see only Russians, they will think communism is only for Russians! Please to rethink your directive on this matter.

2. I have had many disturbing reports and heard rumors of suspicious actions by you Comrade Champion. First is disturbing report by Comrade Petrograd. A good Russian hero for many years, he reports you are working with a group called World Communist Order. He claims that you were present at an altercation and responsible for deaths of many good Communist works. (See attached report). I would like you to respond to this report now.

3. The wolf girl Bestla, who we have taken into the Red Brigade. There is rumor you have sent this young woman as an assassin. She seems disturbed and I understand from Red Menace she and I were raised in a similar fashion. Why have I not heard of this hero before? The secrets you hold from your commissars are worrisome. I have been loyal worker for the state since my childhood and you send this girl child to infiltrate MY organization? I find this hard to believe, but your actions lately have been nothing if not surprising. Is she the only agent you have sent?

4. I will reiterate here that Red Brigade is not a part of CCCP. Therefore, you have no power or influence how this group is formed, directed, nor its leadership or membership composition. It is true we will use Red Brigade as seed group for CCCP America, but with your recent uninformed and ill thought out directives, you will have no hand in this fledgling group.

5. It is curious timing that Iron Pact has again raised its head in Paragon City. Why now? They deride CCCP for our public face and say we are soft. This sounds suspiciously like thinking behind your recent directives. Do you have a part in this?

I do not understand why you send us here and then try to undermine our efforts. One can see we have made much progress. All heroes in Paragon City know of us and understand and respect us. It is only matter of time till we are largest most influential group here.

Please respond to these issues point by point ASAP.

Central Committee Commissar
CCCP American Branch