Komrad Vex: Unexpected Endgame, Pt3

From the Story Arc: Red And Blue

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(posted Sunday, August 28, 2005)

"I have been betrayed!" Vex exclaimed in dismay as the Doctor leapt out of reach and got behind Winter and Blade. "I will not surrender without a fight!"

Doctor Red Crosse had acted as bait for a trap which Commissar People's Blade, Soviet Winter, Physician Social Medicine and Medic Third Belladonna Aura had now sprung. He had thought to use the Arena as a trap to capture Doctor Crosse, only to find that he was now the one who had been taken. The simulated cargo-ship hold rang with his angry cries as the members of the team encircled him.

"No you are being taken in for treatment," Dr. Crosse asserted, as Blade and Winter moved closer.

"I need no treatment!" Vex shouted, standing his ground.

Dr. Crosse shook her head. "I am sorry Vex, that it had to go down like this."

"I promise you we will be merciful," began the Commissar, when Vex commenced a wild attack on her and on Winter. "Aiyah...he's out of control. Shall I subdue him?"

"Da!" Social Medicine shouted angrily, and the team closed in.

People's Blade was holding back; Bella knew her style from many, many missions together, and there was no doubt that she was doing her best to be "non-lethal." As the rest of them rained down blows on the hapless Vex, this became more and more obvious.

No less than five times did Vex appear to be subdued, only to escape them and manage to revive himself. Finally it was only when Bella herself exercised an option Shyft had installed to allow her to use her rads to specifically irradiate a single target that he finally collapsed and fell.

"Stand down," The Commissar told her team, as Vex groaned. She brushed ice off herself and Vex.

"I am defeated," Vex moaned, still glowing green with Bella's rads. She was not going to stop irradiating him until she was sure he wasn't going anywhere.

"Vex ban," Thanh Ha said sternly. "Do you concede? "

He began to move, and Social moved quickly back. "Wait," the Commissar said. "Do not strike him yet."

Vex spoke as if with great difficulty, as People's Blade got out her Hello Kitty handiwipes. "Comrades.....I have.....betrayed you.... Take me." He looked up at Bella. "The radiation—it interferes with the control device."

"We will. But why did you betray your ideals?" Blade asked sword in one hand, wipe incongruously in the other.

"You want I should turn the belly ring back on, Commissar?" Bella asked from above, where she hovered.

Blade looked up. "Is it advisable?"

Bella shrugged. "He's irradiated until I do. It'll be lethal in about five." Well, lethal to a normal human. A metahuman? Who knew?

"Put it back on," Blade decided. "Vex, I can fell you with a single strike. Do not resist me again."

Vex was on his knees. "I have not done it by choice comrades."

"Then why?" the Commissar demanded.

Vex groaned. "It was Singleton. He used me. They are listening as we speak ."

Bella's professional eye was on their captive, and it was clear he was not doing well. "Doc, I hope to heck you're good at radiation sickness."

"Hao!" the Commissar replied, with a frown.

"Is sounding familiar," Thanh Ha commented. Well and truly…while she hadn't participated herself in such a scenario, this was sounding very like some that Bella had run across in the files.

Vex definitely was not doing well. "I feel........weak."

"Where is the mic Vex?" Blade demanded. "Hello, Mr. Singleton! I am Blade Shuai. Please come meet me in person."

Vex groaned. "…is...in....my... head."

Blade brandished Jade Emperor's Whisper. "Where? I can extract it." Bella might have laughed if the situation had been less serious.

[i]Actually, I bet she could….[/i]

"Vex I can remove it I am sure..." Dr. Crosse said.

"Thanh Ha am surgeon," Social added. "Can perhaps remove. "

But Bella was beginning to get an idea. "I'll burn the bastard out—" she began.

Red Crosse had another option. "Will you allow me to try or should have I have them kill you...remove it then revive you?" Well, that was an option.

However, not one that they were going to have time to use. "I cannot say more," Vex said urgently, "It may be ready to detonate! You must keep me sedated."

[i]Aha. The poison pill.[/i]

"Chut!" Thanh Ha exclaimed, taking a step back.

But Bella was already diving down from her position above. Because she had the ace up her sleeve this time. Not that long ago she had worked with a trainer to rearrange and enhance her powers and abilities specifically for working with Zach, tailoring her offensive powers for working in close, and for taking down the villains she and he had been getting assignments for. And a great many of those villains were robots, had robots, or used electronics heavily.
[i]Like Crey….[/i]

And she had researched and trained in a power very few even of her type of mutant hero ever used. Because they were not aware that enhanced and trained minimally it might seem useless, but properly enhanced….oh, it was potent….

"Ohhh I can fix this," she said, getting into position. They might not have much time. She couldn't wait. "Guys stand back! I can get this thing! I have EM Pulse! Back off now!"

"Comrade Bella?" Vex faltered.

Crosse was an android. She had to get out of range. Bella shouted. "Doc, out! NOW!" Crosse scrambled out of the way, and the others finally got the idea as well. "3!"

"I do not like this," Winter warned, as he too backed off.

But Bella, child of the atom bomb, had already used this ability in the last few days. And this close to Vex—it would work. And she knew it. "2! 1!"

Concentrating with all her might, she threw back her arms and channeled the rads into an electromagnetic pulse, exactly as thrown by a detonating bomb, but short-lived and short-range. You could see it for a moment, a spreading ring of force as the cargo hold echoed with the blast that left Vex reeling, stunned.

"Aiyah!" Blade exclaimed, taken entirely by surprise. No wonder. She hadn't seen this. Only a very few of Bella's teammates had. And the force of it—was impressive.

She shook her head to clear the ringing in her ears, and made sure her own gear, which she'd had to have modified against this very thing, was still intact. "If it's electronic," she said with satisfaction. "It's toast."

Social Medicine was whacking her translator on her hand. "Chut!"

[i]Oops, guess she didn't get far enough away.[/i]

Vex dropped to his knees. "…it..is...finished...."

"Did I get it, Vex?" Bella asked.

He looked up. "My thanks, comrades—" he began.

But she had second thoughts, and once again irradiated him. It had interfered before…just in case….

"NOW answer," she said fiercely. "Did I get it, Vex?"

People's Blade coughed.

He sighed, and looked up with a wan, but sane expression. "Indeed comrade Bella. I fearwd it could only be extracted using surgery."

Now she relaxed, and dialed out the radiation. "Coolness. They neglected to think of a rad/rad who tailored herself to take out electronics."

"I think I have lost hair," Blade said, a little plaintively.

Bella covered a smile. "Boy, I hope not."

"Khong, Dan Toc Luoi yeu qui." Social complained.

People's Blade raised an eyebrow. "You broke her translator."

"The detonation—" Vex said, "It was the most pleasant sound to hear though...."

"Glad to hear it," she said honestly, "And gladder to have you back, Vex."

Blade, of course, still had the larger picture in mind, as befitting a great general. "Tongzhi...where is this Singleton? He and I have to share a conversation."

Soviet Winter nodded. "There is still much to be resolved comrade."

Vex rubbed his head as if it hurt. Well, it should. "I am not completely aware of what has transpired. : I remember speaking with Singleton and coming back to Paragon. Everything appeared to be normal."

"Khoe manh, Vex nguoi ban?" asked Thanh Ha.

People's Blade nodded. "I am sure he knows that Vex is returned to us. Singleton will disappear."

Social Medicine nodded, and managed a few words in English. "Thanh Ha look later still. Report medic bay for full check."

"Then 5 days ago the humming returned," Vex continued, "And I cannot recall much after that point. I did manage to break free from the influence of the chip for a short time. What have I done?"

People's Blade sighed. "You nearly killed a police officer. However, we will let Red Saviour smooth that out."

"Other than that," Bella began, and swore. "Booster Max."

Komrad Vex looked alarmed. "What of him?"

"We do not know that Vex is responsible for Booster's assault." Blade cautioned—but she looked worried.

"Booster Max was assaulted, and you threatened to kill him," she said reluctantly. He was going to find out anyway….

Soviet Winter stroked his snowy beard. "I fear we need to get that chip out and then we can repair Comrade Vex's reputation."

Bella shook her head, feeling suddenly exhausted. "Let's get out of here, and you bigwigs can sort this out," she said. "Vex needs decontam and treatment and this little rad/rad wants bed/bed."

"Dui. Lai de!" Blade agreed.

"Da Comrades!" Dr Crosse concurred.

Soviet Winter sighed. Unfortunately this is probably right up the Communard's road."

As they left the Arena, Vex suddenly looked alert. "I know who is behind this, and who may have assaulted Booster," he said. "I will file report after my medical has cleared."

"That'll help," Bella nodded, but truth to tell her mind wasn't really on it. It wasn't her problem now. This was for the Commissars. Her problems were out there, now. Healing her teammates. Listening. Once in a while offering advice. Eventually she would probably be listening to Komrad's guilt, his anger, his frustration. But not today. And probably not tomorrow.

"Let's go," she said. For now she would take her motto from Shakespeare. "All's well that ends well."