Second Opinion

(posted Tuesday, August 30, 2005)

To: General Hu Wei, People’s Liberation Army, Ground Forces
From: Dr. Lau Jie, Shanghai Second Medical School
Date: October 10, 1950
Subject: Further examination of Sun Kai

As per instructions, this facility has begun physiological and psychological tests on subject Sun Kai. Summary of findings and recommendations follow.

In regards to subject repeatedly losing consciousness: cause as yet unknown, but is theorized to be related to ritual scars and tattoos found on body. Markings exhibit slight luminescence while subject is comatose. Unlike markings, eyes are luminescent only during lucid states.

The subject’s ability to absorb injury is far above average, and healing rate is also accelerated. This resistance to injury may be causing psychological damage. Tests on this matter have been inconclusive.

After reviewing documents on South Anhui incident and Captain Sun’s involvement in the War of Liberation, subject is officially categorized as “metahuman,” and recommended to be transferred to the authority of the People’s Liberation Army, Superpowered Division.

Dr. Lau Jie


To: General Hu Wei, People’s Liberation Army, Ground Forces
From: General Leung Shen-mu, People’s Liberation Army, Superpowered Division
Date: November 23, 1950
Subject: Sun Decision

After careful review, Captain Sun Kai is accepted for active duty with the Division. Further medical examination will follow after training and combat operations in the Korean Peninsula are completed. Capabilities have yet to be fully evaluated, and will be measured in the field. As requested, an officer will send reports on the progress of each member of the Superpowered Division to Ground Forces command.

General Leung Shen-mu