Task Force Strawberry Alarm Clock

(posted Monday, July 26, 2004)

On Saturday several heroes took part in Synapse task force Strawberry. Yes, it's a terrible name but who can judge the actions of that pervert Synapse! I think he was mesmerized by my new skirt, who can tell. Anyway; me, Mother Siberia, Bestla, Tokamek, Red Banner, Untermensch, Communard and one other (I'm sorry I can't remember who) took about two hours to run these blasted errands for that simpering sod. "Two hours!" you say. Yep, we spent two hours chasing Bestla around trying to keep her alive. Man was she in a frenzy. I think in the second hour of the mission, all she would say to the rest of the group was "MORE!". I won't talk bad about the girl since we're friends now, but maybe she needs a man. Take some of the pressure off if you know what I mean. Maybe I'll invite her out dancing with me tonight. Note to self: bring fire extinguisher. So, Synapse is again appeased by CCCP and Red Brigade. He's really a good capitalist dog. We should introduce him to young champion...he needs a companion.