A Friend's Sacrifice (part d)

From the Story Arc: A Sistah's Burden

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(posted Friday, September 02, 2005)

Sister Hecate rubbed her eyes hard. She had no idea how long she’d been reading the old tomes, but by the aching in her head and the blurring of her vision Hecate assumed it had been for far too long. With a wave of her hand the magi dimmed the lamp. She lay her head back in the comfy chair. Sleep would not come easy tonight. Her mind raced with what needed to still be done. According to her calculations the best time to do the transference was when Mercury was at a high point in the sky. Trouble was that landed right near the season of Hallows. Normally Hecate would prefer to do larger rituals when the veil was thinnest, like it was then, but with her strange experience the evening before…

That left the new moon, as a point of beginnings, as the next logical choice. The magical connection as strong as Hecate liked, but it would have to do. The new moon in on day’s time. That left a great deal to be done in a very short period. She absently scratched the back of her hand in contemplation. Both the space they would use and Aura would need to be ritually prepared. Without the Guardians to assist, they would also need someone to stand in those roles. Her first choice for Aura’s personal Guardian was Heavy Brother, but she was uncertain how comfortable he would be as part of a magical ceremony. He was the best suited since Hecate had no doubts the lengths he would go to protect Aura.

But what about her? Hecate would need energetic support more then ever with the absence of her teachers. She knew no one skilled in the craft on a personal basis, at least personal enough to be willing to protect her from the danger of the magic she would be casting, the possible back draft if it went bad.

Movement in the doorway made Hecate look up. “You could not sleep either, Anthony?”

The big man grinned. “Just wanted to check on ya before heading off to bed. Late night busting heads.”

“Aura was sleeping soundly last time I looked in on her.”

“Yep, still is.” Heavy Brother’s eyes narrowed. “You look worn out.”

“Just finishing a bit of reading. There is some good news in fact.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“We should be able to do this tomorrow night. It will take most of the day to get ready for the ritual, but by late evening we should be able to begin.” Hecate sat up, and rested her hands in her lap. “I am not going to have the assistance I had hoped for. I will need you to serve as Aura’s personal Guardian during the transference.”


Hecate blinked a bit surprised at the quickness of his response, but was impressed. “I’ll need to gather support for myself as well. My guides will be unavailable.”

“You’ll have a doc in attendance right?”

She frowned. “Had not planned on it. This is a magical procedure not a medical one. They would simply get in the way.”

“You said there was risk. If something goes wrong you’ll need a doctor.”

“If something goes wrong it will happen first magically. Your job, if I go down, is to get Aura out of the area before things go too bad. To protect her no matter what happens”

“And you?”

“If I can get the proper support I will be being looked after as well.”

“I still think you need a doc there. No point in taking chances.”

“Alright. Fair enough. I have some rune stones I can give to Bella and Social Medicine so if things go sour medically, it will alert them and immediately recall them to our position. I would rather not have to many folks in on this. That could cause many complications”

“Couldn’t one of them be your ‘support person’?”

Hecate shook her head. “I any medical personnel to be at a hundred percent in case of the worst. I would be better of with someone like Chug to pull a lot of energy from.”

“What about Soyuz? Hell, the woman can barely contain that power of hers anyway.”

“Hmm, not a bad thought. I know my magic makes her a bit uncomfortable but I am certain she would want to help. Perhaps as a healer Vlada would assist as well.” Hecate nodded. “Yes that might do nicely. It would be good for Aura to have family present. Would help her feel safe. He staying calm though this, relaxed, it will be crucial.”

“I’ll handle that part.”

“A lot of this depends on whether I can convince the being to leave of its own free will. If it does, as long no outside interference occurs, the transference should go fine.”

“Outside interference.”

“Yes. I am thinking this place may be unsuitable for the ritual. To easily damaged. There is a place in Talos, and island normally used by the Thorns.” When she said Thorns her voice held an edge of disgust. “The magic there is strong and should help power my wards far beyond what I could do here. I will need you and some of the other warriors of the CCCP to clear the area of the corrupt magi and their minions before we begin.”

“Easy enough.”

“Talk to them. See who will be willing to hold the area secure, not allow anyone in once we begin. They will have to be willing to stay guard but not enter the circle once cast.”

“I’ll handle the details. Gather some folks for that.”

“Good.” Hecate stood and stretched. “I will handle the preparations of Aura tomorrow and the site once it is cleared.” She yawned. “For now, however, I need to rest. Do you mind if I stay here tonight. That couch looks perfect and I am too tired to fly back to my apartment.”

“You are always welcome here, my sister. Get some rest. I’ll handle gathering folks up for tomorrow night.”

“I’ll need you to be discreet. No need for too many people to know too many details.”

“I dig.”

As Heavy Brother walked from the room Hecate smiled. “I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure this works out best for all of us.”

“I know. Good night, my sister.”

“Good night, my brother.”