Random unorganized thoughts in Kings Row:

From the Story Arc: Mojiotok: Metamorphosis

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(posted Monday, July 26, 2004)

I always hated this part of city. Decadent gang members and Vahzilok abominations; is sewer of Paragon. Now I am one of them, an abomination chased by my own comrades. I never should have contacted Blade. Damn woman mobilized everyone in minutes. I would give commendation on fast action if not so angry. They have trapped me here. All the exits guarded, there is Communard at Independence (which I do not think I could live through anyway) and it looks like Bestla at Galaxy. Can not get to close, I no longer have my speed...they would catch me fast. I must hide like dog. The pain is terrible! What is happening to me I do not know. Feels like insides are coming out. Can not even run regular patrol...can not even run. I am weak; even Kings Row is danger to me now. Here is your great Russian champion! Did you make me like this? Was this your doing? I was on posters. I was hero for Russian nation....ARGGG! PAIN is growing. SHUT UP BLADE! LEAVE ME ALONE! How do you turn this damn communicator off...<smash>...off now...AHHHHG!!! <pass out>