Status Report 3582-C

From the Story Arc: WCO Report: Operation Black Lotus

Previous Story in the Arc: Some Great Adventure... by Chug (Saturday, August 27, 2005)

(posted Sunday, September 04, 2005)

Comrades, I am forwarding any material I feel worthy for Division 4 to view. This recent dictation session was intercepted from the Chinese Ministry of State Security. In my opinion, this dictation session is an excellent example of how unsuitable Subject C would be for Operation Black Lotus. Subject C still maintains a deep aversion to the employment of lethal force.

I know from my past attempts, Subject C is completely unwilling to utilize physical force in such a manner to kill individuals. We have made several attempts to deceive Subject C, but it has an uncanny ability to understand the consequences of its actions. As an example, we wished to use Subject C as a means to assassinate a political figure in Russia. We gave specific orders for Subject C to level a building (which happened to hold the target at the time). It obstinately went through the entire building telling people to leave because it was going to destroy it. It even carried the target and his unconscious security team (which it had fought when the target refused to leave) out of the building. Once the building was clear of people, it promptly brought the building down to the foundation, destroying it utterly.

I will continue to monitor the sessions and pass on any that have some deeper insight to Subject C's psyche. However I still do not feel it will provide a useful operative for this program.

General Alexander Rokossovsky
WCO Superhero Defense Division Rho

Begin Edited Transcript of Session 6...

Comrades, Function 5 reporting dictation sessions with comrade Chug. As per request from Chinese Ministry of State Security, unit has taken up previous session work of esteemed hero, 5 Year Plan. Unit asked comrade Chug to provide intelligence for villains of supernatural nature. Response was that Chug was hungry and missed 5 Year Plan. Unit requested again that he provide intelligence briefing. Comrade Chug became distraught and began to eat table. Unit requested that he stop. Chug stopped and sat on the floor of domicile apartment unit for several minutes pouting.

Comrade Chug then requested drawing materials and cookies. Unit stated that no refreshments would be available for session. Chug then began to cry that he missed 5 Year Plan, tore up floor, and started to eat floor tiles. Unit requested that he stop and continue with ordered intelligence briefing. He reluctantly provided his thoughts on fighting Banished Pantheon and where they can be found in Paragon City. Unit collected the illustrations he produced.

Chug seemed to be genuinely upset about Dark Astoria particularly. Since he was very unhappy at the end of this session (and began to eat chair), unit procured cookies from eating facility. Chug quickly ate cookies and was in good spirits. It seems the being has severe reaction to stress and demonstrates unusual behavior by eating objects. However this behavior is quickly remedied and now does not recollect why he was upset earlier. Unit hopes to study Comrade further.

Dere sum weird guys called da Banished Pantheon. I dunno wut dat supposed to mean. Dey got all sorta dead guys an magic guys an masks dat float in da air an big guys outta wood that play bongo drumz.

Dis me fightin sum dead guys. Dey look like old soldiers an dey got old gunz. I tell dem dat da World War Two iz over an dey shuld go back to sleep. I guess dey want to but da shamen alwayz make dem get up again. So dey alwayz grumpy. I get grumpy too sumtimes, but I get milk an cookiez an sumtimes I take a nap and dat make me all better.

Dere da shamen an I guess dey magic guys. Dey never pull out rabbits an stuff. But dey make da floor shake lotz and dey make a lot of wind that throw peopulz around. Dat a lot of fun, cuz I go bouncin around and I fly all over da place. It pretty fun.

Dis me fightin da shamen. I dunno why dey men and wear funny skirts. I dink dat pretty silly. I guess peopulz make fun of dem an that get dem mad. But I have fun when dey make me bouncy and fly around.

Dere all sortz of flyin masks. Dey real big and must play da bongos cuz I always hear that when I seem em. But dey not got arms. I not know how dey play da drums without arms.

Dis me askin fer candy cuz dey like big Halloween masks. Maybe dey play trick or treat an dey wearin a mask. I have my bucket so dey can give me candy. Maybe sumday dey do that instead of makin Chug dizzy all da time.

(whispers) Dis me in da spooky place. It real dark an dere ghosts and a big graveyard. It really spooky.

Dis me fightin a bunch of da dead guys. Dey all over da place here. So youz gotta be carefull in da spooky place.

Dere odder bad guys in da spooky place. Like the mean Asian guys an da Circul of Thornz. Dis me fightin some ghost guys dat are Circul of Thornz. Dey got a lot around here too but not as much as da Banished Pantheon.

I alwayz get real sad being in da spooky place. Cuz dere a lotta ghosts of nice peopulz dere. A long time ago a really bad thing happen dere and lotz of peopulz were killed by bad guys. I see dem walkin around an it make me sad. Dis is me with da ghosts of da nice peopulz.

Dis me in da park an I all sad cuz I wuz in da spooky place a long time. I see all da nice people dat died and dey really sad. Dat make Chug sad too an I go sit alone in da park. I no wanna draw and talk any morez about da spooky place... I gonna go an maybe da meanie robot funkchun 5 make me sumtin to eat cuz I not feelin gud.