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(posted Tuesday, September 06, 2005)

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Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 17:28:54

CCCP Medical Overview - - Aug 22 - 25 2005

Order for Rank and File to report to medical staff was met by all CCCP Agents; there was zero (0) issues in this order not being followed. Case files had suggested that a number of personality types may have had issue with being sent to a medical exam. It was expected that a number of bootleg, unlisted and otherwise unknown modifications, tools, upgrades, further mutation, and/or other unknown changes would be found on a number of CCCP Agent. It was already know from this agent's personal views that rank agents had things that were not on the books. This reporter assumed the technology based agents would be nineteen (19) percent more likely to have such "changes".

The break down of agents (included as attachment) shows a number of interesting trends and medical states; and a few are showing signs of rapid evolution/upgrade. While overall the group lands within expected ranges there are some noteworthy subjects/cases that need to be further explained in later reports.


I am going to break my normal reports format and give my personal stances on what I have seen.

Overall Health
While the majority of CCCP members lead a healthy lifestyle there are a number of persons who take this for granted. I have observed a number of agents who smoke, drink a liter plus a day of vodka and/or who make no effort to gain even four (4) hours a night of sleep. A number of agents have been found who have utterly attempted to hide changes to their power bases, who have made no effort to train in newly developed powers, who will train at lethal levels with one another and/or use their super powers while under the effects of chemicals/drugs/achohol/under rested. It is my feeling that while nothing undo has happened yet, there are clear signs action must be taken; at the very least to observe certain agents more closely, it is only a matter of time until such disreagrd for health becomes a problem. Currently I am attempting to change the health habits of a pregenet female who may or may not be with a "special child"; should the father be "normal" the mother's action are putting the child at risk. While this mother/child issue is my most extreme there are many fronts that I would like to expand upon before I find myself utterly out of control of the healthcare needs of CCCP.

Overall Mental Health
All I can say is that my database and archive records on the mental health of super enhanced and the gifted talanted sector are utterly useless. I have found that three (3) ever present issues stress and strain the mental health of CCCP.

One (1) being the current state of America and American super heroes; both seem unable to see their utterly narrow frame of mind which causes CCCP agents to almost always defend their ways. The never ending stress to leave the collective good of the People and become a useless Consumer pig is everywhere so as a result certain agents have pulled away from all social interaction. On the other hand the need to socialize has caused certain agents to "appear" infected with Western ideals which causes a peer stress; i have observed agents battle over the usage of "too american like" words and terms

Two (2) being culture shock. It is hard to remain a hardliner in America, when examples of the rewards of being a hardliner for the causes of the People are hard to find. While it is good that most CCCP agents have peer bases inside the CCCP, one could also state while the American people are not the is impossible to meet the goals of the CCCP without having contact with the very people the People wish to protect. I hope I am able to look beyond my own code on this topic for while I feel the code was meant to provide me with a clear picture of the Will of the People; it does not provide me with the means to help stressed Comrades to see how their actions can be the Will of the People.....more so when the American population shows us daily how undeserving they are of the People's attention.

Three (3) being the lack of any real food. While I do not understand the pains of being unable to meet one's dietary wishes. I can say that I understand the effects of being denied the foods of your homeland as a mental health issue. I hope to over the next few days download a few dishes I suspect my Comrades are missing and would be rather gald to have again.

Closing Comments
While in retrospect some of my comments will appear harsh to me and the readers; I feel the short comings must be stressed in reports to provide a clear picture over time to the makeup of CCCP. My included datafile will cover the medical aspects of the CCCP and I again must stress that this group is not and has never been a collection of test subjects. As a result of this "state" that CCCP is in much of the data from the field can not be held to the lab data as neither has much in common with the other. My hope is to provide a clear picture by which the effectiveness of the CCCP can be reviewed and options can be based off of. For I still agree with my secondary programming and have made it a personal goal to bring the CCCP to a level in which my services are not considered so foreign.

[CCCP Medical Log.csv]

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