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From the Story Arc: Lovers and Heroes

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(posted Monday, September 19, 2005)

While not ideologically perfect, the small company that manufactured GammaBars was listed as one of the "ten small companies best to work for" right along with Ben and Jerry's. Bella had analyzed the content of the meal-bars to a fare-thee-well, and if they were any healthier, they'd probably be putting on capes and going out to fight crime themselves. The ingrediants, while not "organic" were all purchased from environmentally responsible sources. Which made the darn things a good bit more expensive than their counterparts.

They needed a face. Bella needed a good source of calories for Saviour, whose robust metabolism was going through the roof.

And GammaBars, with that name, well, a radioactive superhero was a natch for a spokes-model.

"Just one camera for the money-shot?" the director said doubtfully. Bella nodded. "Just one. Trust me,"

One civilian camera operator was all she was going to be able to keep safe. But she didn't tell the director that.

They did the set-ups, Bella flying, a post-mission shot with some of the AoC, a light-hearted moment with Infurno....then the money-shot.

"No joke, taking down the felons here in Paragon City is hard, hard work," she said into the special comm link, as she sidled up to the spot where thee Rikti were clustered. "You've got your Family, your wierd magicians, your cyboprged Freaks....and now aliens. And when the call comes out, sometimes there's no chance for a meal---LIKE NOW!"

She'd got the setup perfect; the Rikti detected her and riose up just behind the cameraman. She gave the first, the Mentalist, a full-on volley of protons rright over his shoulder, then as he whipped around to catch what she was hitting in his lens, she finished the other two , a pair of Conscripts, with the rest of her arsenal.

He was shaken, but a pro; the camera kept rolling as she reached into her belt and pulled out a GammaBar, making sure that the label was in clear shot, before she ripped into it and wolfed it down.

"That's when I reach for a GammaBar, the meal bar that gives me everything I need to keep going---and man, is it tasty too! GammaBars! I don't leave home without them, and neither should you!"


"Good shoot," the director said, viewing the roughs. "In fact....damn good shoot. This is a wrap."

"Excellent." Unlike Vic's deals for Saviour, Bella had set this one up without an agent, so the deal was all "in kind." Caseloads of GammaBars would be showing up at the CCCP HQ whenever she called for them. Boxes of them would be on Saviour's desk. Bella would be carrying them herself. And while she was at it, there;'d be boxes of the things in the rec rooms and commissary too. Why not? Healthy calories would do everyone some good.

But the chocolatiest would go to Saviour. Theobromine....seemed to be solving part of the nicotine craving and smoothing out Her Commissarness's mood swings.

"Now if they could just put baby-safe vodka in a meal-bar......"