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From the Story Arc: Lovers and Heroes

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(posted Tuesday, September 20, 2005)

"You gotta be kidding me."

Zach looked incredulously at Bella. With much fanfare, Bella had announced the first delivery of "GammaBars", the space-age pseudo-food of which she was now the spokesmodel. Now the Commissar, along with Russian Battler and Soviet Shocker, were off-loading hundreds of the things from the truck parked outside the HQ.

"Bella, I mean, do you really think this is necessary?", asked Zach as he loaded two more boxes onto the loading dock.

"Zach, don't be such a party pooper. Come on, give one a try!" She partially unwrapped a bar labelled, "Gooey Goodness" and waved it under his nose.

"Er...no thanks." Zach gently pushed her arm away. "I mean, there are some thing about my mutant metabolism that are not obviously positive. The pointy ears, the emerald complexion, they ain't for everyone. But one thing I got going that everyone would want is that I CAN EAT ANYTHING I WANT."

Bella smirked, "Tell me something I don't know! Colonel Sanders is gonna run out of chicken if you don't slow down. Are you sure there is only one pregnant commissar?"

Soviet and Shocker and Russian Battler burst into laughter at that remark, toppling over several boxes of GammaBars.

"Hey, enough outta the peanut gallery." Zach mock-glared at the two comrades. "Very funny, Bella, but there is a benefit to being able to eat all the cheeseburgers, pizza, eggrolls, and yes...fried chicken...that I want! I don't need diet bars!"

Bella held her head high and ignored him, walking past the commissar, carrying another box to the platform. "Well, don't have any then. But I guess I'll have to tell GammaBars that you don't want to appear in my next photo shoot, then..."

Bella, Battler, and Shocker headed inside, leaving Zach standing on the dock by himself. He picked up a bar, reading the label. "Nothing deadly I suppose. Lots of Riboflavin. Nice fiber content." He looked at his face reflecting off the window. "Photo shoot, huh?"

"Hey Bella, wait up!!!"