My Baby Shot Me Down: Part Two

From the Story Arc: Trench Warfare

Previous Story in the Arc: My Baby Shot Me Down: Part One by Agn Stratonik (Monday, September 19, 2005)

(posted Wednesday, September 21, 2005)

“Clearly, he’s gone mad,” Communard firmly planted his fist on the table, only mildly raising his voice in anger.

“What if he’s telling the truth,” Blaze Phoenyx, also known as John Murdock, said, nearly standing up from his seat in a challenging manner to Communard. “What do we do then?”

“We must apprehend him, Commissar. He is clearly under bourgeois influence and we must…”

“I know, Communard… I know,” Red Saviour said in a soft-spoken voice. She stood up from her chair and walked over to a window in the conference room where many members of the CCCP and others of the Rebuild Paragon Congress sat. All who were in the room stared and watched Natalya for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for her real reaction to this problem. Natalya was not a person to take death threats and treason lightly, but coming from a fellow member of the CCCP… that would be hard on anyone, no matter how strong their intentions are on the inside.

“Agn would never do something like that,” Bestial Boy chimed in as he looked at the floor with a balled up fist resting on the table. “We’ve been through a lot together with him… if this is for real, then who is influencing his actions?”

“He thinks that only Flame and John know… he is unaware of this. Doesn’t this seem unfair,” Belladonna Aura said with a lump in her throat, looking at the back of Red Saviour’s head like a sad puppy dog.

“You forget who betrayed his trust, Belladonna,” Communard sneered at her, making her sink even lower in her seat.

“Lay off, Communard. She was only doing what she thought was best,” Bestial Boy shouted, standing up from his chair. Communard grimaced and sat down quietly.

Thanh Ha sat in her chair, her hands in her lap and her head bowed down. Khrushchev sat with his legs up on the table, clicking the lever on his gun between safety and semi as he sat deep in thought.

“He’s not the same,” Thanh Ha muttered just loud enough for everyone to hear. “There is something wrong with his mind. He is a different person. One day, when I was administering first aid to him after a mission, he made a pass at me. He cornered me against a wall in the med lab and ran his fingers over my face and over the top of my pants. He didn’t go any farther than that… he just stepped back as if a whole different person had taken over his body from that point and he walked out. He hasn’t said a word to me since.”

“I notice the same about him,” Khrushchev said, with a stern voice. “It’s like he’s one of those bi-polar or maniac people, like Van Gogh or something. One moment he’s Agn and then the next he’s some anal, military weirdo or worse. I don’t understand either, but something is definitely up.”

Soviet Winter leaned forward in his chair. “It could be Vigo, couldn’t it? He warped Savate’s mind… what would keep him from doing the same to Agn?”

“It obviously is unclear who is working against us,” Zachary replied. “Though, from what I can tell, Russia wants Natalya out of the seat. If Vigo is working for the Nazis, then Agn is into more shit than we thought.”

“This is sloppy, though.” Red Djinni looked at Zachary, staring hard into his eyes as he relayed his thoughts. “This is sloppier than what happened with Althea. Agn obviously infiltrated the CCCP, but it took a year for his intentions to become clear. Why is it that he reached out and made known his mission and still has yet to make a move? Doesn’t that seem awkward to you all?”

“He did mention brainwashing,” Seraphic Flame said with some hope in her voice. “Its possible the brainwashing did not work completely. His will is strong and his mind is as well. Brainwashing only works fully on the weaker, confused or fatigued individuals. Perhaps he’s crying out for help… he needs a way out...”

“That’s all speculation,” Communard interrupted with a pompous voice. “The main focus here is that whether he is confused about it or not, he has made his objective quite clear: To kill Commissar Saviour. Are you going to put yourself and your child in danger, Commissar?”

Red Saviour stood standing, looking out the window of the room. She looked down at her stomach and touched it, feeling the life inside her breathing. She turned around and faced the others. “Do what you must. When he returns, apprehend him and interrogate him, probe his mind, do whatever is at your disposal to find answers. Keep him restrained and secured. Keep him away from my child.”