From the Story Arc: Something Stupid This Way Comes

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(posted Friday, September 30, 2005)

The day was proceeding nicely. He had spoken his first words, gotten his first pair of pants, and was now eating his first food. This kind old man had given it to him, sitting over by the docks. It obviously made the old man happy to see his generosity appreciated, b/c he was laughing hysterically.

"I told you, Marvin! I told you someone would eat the cake from last year's Christmas Party! Ha!!!" The old man was collecting small green strips of paper from the other workers, who were laughing as well.

The creature smiled and clapped his hands together. "Yay! Party!!! Me like party! Dis da party of da workahs?" Once again, a word set of alarms in his heard. The word "party" just made him feel happy for some reason, like he belonged there. He couldn't remember why, but he gave it no mind as bit into another hunk of rock-hard cake.

One of the workers approached the nice old man that had given him the food. "You better get him outta here, if the foreman sees this we'll get in big trouble." The old man walked over to the creature and gave a kindly smile.

"You are gonna have to leave, I'm afraid."

"Why? I do someting bad?"

"Why? Why? Because you look like a freaking Bio-hazard, boy! That's why!" The old man shook his head incredulously.

"But where I go? I needs to find my favah. He looking for me I tink."

"Hell if I know. Maybe you should head to Atlas Park. Everytime some new freak rolls into town, thats where they send 'em. You fit that part, alright."

Atlas Park. The rang a bell, although he couldn't remember why. He was certainly lucky to have encountered such kind and helpful workers. He would remember to repay their kindness at some point in the future.

"Fwom each akowding to hith abiwities, to each akowding to hith needz. I gonna wepay all youz, dank you workahs!" The stunned looks on the workers faces told the creature, or "boy" as people kept calling him, that they were touched by his words.

"Bye Byez!!!", he said, as he bounded off, eager to see what new joys his day would bring.