The Wake of the Storm

From the Story Arc: Legacy of a Fallen Hero

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(posted Saturday, October 01, 2005)

Thea listened to the chaos on the comm. Someone was broadcasting the entire RPCongress meeting to the alternate CCCP channel and her lips thinned as she listened to Communard's ranting.

She had never expected to agree with the old man. But she did now.

Kid Crisis had been a worm in the heart of the bud for too long; spying on them, learning what Alexei had learned, learning what Alexei's grandfather had learned, and telling Crey so that Crey could eliminate them both.

And now she had to face the fact that....Alexei might never come back. She had searched archives and not found any sign of him in the past....

Which meant that the past might have been changed forever. October Star I was here now. He might not be able to go back. Which meant---

Alexei would never be born.

And she hated Kid Crisis. Hated him worse than she had ever hated the Council, or the men in bad suits in Russia who had set her up as a pawn. She did not know them and had not trusted them. Kid Crisis she had known, had liked, had trusted. And he had betrayed them all, betrayed her.

Taken her Alexei from her.

She would never forgive him. Never.

Banishment was not enough. Communard was right. He should be expelled, then hunted down like a dog.

Part of her was appalled that she was even thinking these things. The rest of her blamed him for that, too.

Finally it was all too much to bear. She shut off the comm, flung herself into bed and wept, in anguish and bitter loneliness, for the death of everything she cared about---and loved.