(posted Tuesday, October 04, 2005)

To: Red Savoir
From: Gray Ghost

Subject; The Return of an Enemy,

Red Savior greeting in hast I wanted to send you a quick memo by the security channel that you set up for me. I have been in contact with some of my sources from the Rogue Islands. Has sent a report to me of several of their longbow agents have been killed by someone that looks like the Czarist. The being is a brute and has powers different from the original Czarist. The longbow Intel pictures that have been set to me shows that this person does have a striking resembles to the Czarist, but much younger. This persons skin color also looks like a walking dead a pale white color. My sources at longbow command have not been able to capture this individual. All the agents sent against him have been killed. I will keep you informed of any additional information that comes across my desk. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by the normal channel. Through our Allie Vector-Prime. I know he is an alien commissioner but his heart (Fusion generator) is in the right place and he does care about this world. Best of Luck Gray Ghost

Personal note I would keep this information from Ursa-Minor. Considering the guilt he still feels for the lose of Red-Star. This information could force him to act rashly.