(posted Wednesday, October 05, 2005)

From: Waitron9000
To: All Commissars
Subject: Resignation of Russian Battler

Commissars: pursuant to the recording of information on behalf of the CCCP I atended this evening's RPCongress Meeting. At this meeting two tihings of import were....discussed.

Of the most urgent import: two members of one Derek Stewart's immediate entourage, also members of the Congress, are missing. One Gizam Windaji, Stewart's affianced, and one Giselle, putative adoptive daughter. They disappeared in the wake of the explosions at the Stewart Towers (attached, newsfiles) and have not been found. The suggestion has been put forth that Comrade Victoria Victrix make use of her protocols to trace and/or aid them, but this unit is not sure than anyone actually paid attention to this suggestion.

This is because as expected, there was much acrimony over Kid Crisis, a great deal of shouting and anger.

And this is the item of most import to the CCCP. In this anger, I regret to inform the Commissars that former Comrade Russian Battler saw fit to resign his membership in the CCCP. He believes that Kid Crisis has not turned traitor and that Commissar Red Saviour's orders to shun him are inappropriate. He confronted Commissar Bestial Boy on this issue, refused direct orders, and resigned on the spot.

I retrieved all of his CCCP property and have deactivated all of his access codes, terminated his payroll vouchers, and removed his personal property from CCCP HQ. After inspecting it carefully it has been shipped to one Tigerbright, apparantly in some sort of relationship with him.

If there is anything further I may do, please notify me.

Yours in service