Do svedanya, Perfect Hair

(posted Wednesday, October 05, 2005)

Red Saviour kept the report above the water line of her hot bath. As her pregnancy advanced, aches and pains wracked her body more than ever. Soon she would have to take a leave of absence. For now, hot baths were all she had.

Zach's commentary on the report disturbed her. It was expected that the supposed defection of an ally would cause anxiety in CCCP, and for the sake of Kid Crisis' cover she allowed that to persist, and even stoked the fire. Anything to keep him from disappearing forever into the fanged maw of the Countess. But as the pressure continued, she did not like what she saw: emotionalism, rumormongering, and flat out denial.

What if there were a true mole in the Rebuild Paragon Congress? From the evidence in front of her, they would buy him a drink and commence with whining and hand wringing. No investigation, no security measures. Crying like children! It was the worst example of weakness she'd seen since coming to America.

When she founded Rebuild Paragon Congress, it was an effort to reach out to her fellow heroes regardless of ideology. Now, after watching how they handled the Kid, crisis (where was her thesaurus? She'd have to find it), she wanted to expel them all and retain only comrade Kid. He was the only one with any guts.

Battler's resignation: well, what did she expect from a professional wrestler? The man was sub-intelligent, which she had found endearing. He'd never hinted at disloyalty before, until he started sleeping with the catgirl, Tigerbright. Could it be another example of a detrimental outside influence?

The catgirls had always been ideologically unsound, tantamount to teenage shoppers with superpowers. Now they were interfering with her ability to run CCCP. Did they not understand that the lives of their fellow Americans were in danger every time they violated their duty? Superheroing is not a game. Her first urge was to have them all sent to a gulag in Siberia, but that time was past. Expulsion? Marginalization? Govno, if the wimps of Rebuild Paragon Congress got misty-eyed over Kid Crisis, imagine what the excoriation of cute little kitty cats would do. They'd have aneurysms.

This is a purge, she realized. An ideological test, for CCCP and RP Congress. Kid never intended for this to happen, but this is the chance to weed out the unreliable members and form a strong core again.

Communard's memo was pages and pages of accusations against various RP Congress members. Did the man ever sleep? Usually she blocked out his dogmatic ranting, but in light of the fallout of Kid Crisis' crisis (stupid english language!), the list took on a new light. Bozemoi, she swore, I think I am actually agreeing with Communard. Maybe it is just hormones.

The last page was merely an empty form. She sipped her vodka and regarded it with narrowed eyes. It would be so easy to sign it: A retraction of CCCP's membership in Rebuild Paragon Congress. Let the fools flounder without true leadership. She set it aside, untouched, but did not throw it away.

Kid, Kid... who could have guessed that you would uncover our own faults as well as Crey's?