Red-Star's Return


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(posted Wednesday, October 05, 2005)

September 19th 2005 Vector-Prime and Gray Ghost stand in front of one of the Portals at the Portal Corp. Compound waiting for the arrival of what they thought was a dead friend. Vector-Prime looks down at Gray Ghost “I have one question for you Ghost. How did you know?” Ghost looks up to Vector-Prime 8 foot tall chasse. “About that Vector?”

Vector “About Red-Star Not being dead?”

Ghost “ It was the detective in me." He Smiles “ You see Vector you and I know that Red-Star is a Clone of the Statesman. I had a feeling more than anything that with that much Temporal and Magical energy flowing around in the area that it was possible, Just possible that Red-Star had survived. When you said Temporal Energy I remembered something that Red Gears had said about temporal energy being one of the key elements in portal generation. It was one of his few last lectures he gave at Paragon University before he was killed. The rest is just simple logic in finding his energy signature.”

Vector “ Yes that is true Ghost all beings have a Energy signature that is unique to them and their home universe. But it still does not take into account that with the number of realities you could have been looking for hundreds of years to find him. How did you take that into account.”

Ghost “Well that was the lucky break I needed. That communication about a month ago that Red-Star send had a unique bandwidth. All I did was record the message and bandwidth in came in on, and the good People here at portal corp. did the rest. “

Technician “Gentlemen this should be the world that you are looking for”
As the two heroes look on the portal comes alive with power. The portal opens up before them. The giant machinery making the fine tune adjustments to focus the energy even more to open the Dimensional doorway to the world when Red-Star has been staying. In a flash of light the round portal doorway is open. Ghost thinks to himself what a wonderful piece of technology. Vector-Prime is still disturbed that humans have such a device as this in their hands. If the Mantakan council knew of them having this device there would be another round of arguments about the fate of the human race. No it was best if Vector-Prime keep that piece of information from them. The report Vector-Prime had filed with the council about the Rikti being mutated humans had sent shockwaves through high council. Some of the more extreme council members had wanted to wipe the planet clean. But with cooler heads had won the debate, the humans would be watched very carefully if they showed any aggression or even the slightest show that they where following in the Rikti path they would be dealt with. As the two heroes look on a Powerfully build figure comes through the portal as he does the tech cuts the power to the gateway. Standing before Vector-Prime and Gray Ghost on the walkway in front of the portal is Red-Star. “Prvyt comrades” Red-Star Smiles and walks down the walkway.

Ghost “Damn it is good to see you again lad”

Red-Star ”It is good the be home Ghost thank you both for not giving up on me.”
Ghost speaks before Vector-Prime can “We where happy to son, we never gave up on you.”

Red-Star looks around and was hoping to See the members of the CCCP and His wife. “Where are the others comrade Ghost?”

Ghost looks down to the ground and thinks for a moment. Vector-Prime is the first to answer “ They did not come Red-Star you where considered dead and you have been formally deactivated by the Commissioner. You are no longer with the CCCP.”

Red–Star nods his head “Understood I would have done the same, BAA, is nothing I was thinking of retirement till my child is 5 years of age any way. But still where is my wife?”

Ghost “I told her there was a change to bring you back, but there was a small possibility that portal my not work. I was supposed to call her when it worked. I think you may want to make that call Red-Star.”

Red-Star “Da, I do and Will.” As Red-Star looks around the portal room he knows that he is home and that the time to rebuild his life. The CCCP and the matters of being a Hero can wait. If there was a lesson to be learned from what happen to him is that time is ticking and that Life is lived only once.