Hard Line

From the Story Arc: Red And Blue

Previous Story in the Arc: Memories by Dr. Bella Dawn Parker (Saturday, September 24, 2005)

(posted Wednesday, October 05, 2005)

From: Official Belladonna Aura
To: All Comrades and Officials, CCCP and YC
Subject: New Edict from Commissar Red Saviour


As of this moment, Comrade Seraphic Flame and I have been ordered to conduct random and unannouunced telempathic scans of all members of the CCCP by Commissar Saviour. On the Commissar's orders there are to be no exceptions to this. Comrardes with telempathic shielding in place are to be reported to the Commissar.

As recent events involving former CCCP member Russian Battler have shown, there has been an erosion of understanding and revolutionary zeal in the CCCP. This is nyet a democracy. Orders are orders and must be followed. The time for discussion is before the orders are issued.. After the orders are issued, the avalanche has begun and the pebbles do nyet have voting rights.

The innocent have nothing to fear from a telempathic scan. The guilty would do well to turn in their resignations now.

Belladonna Aura
Official, CCCP
CCCP Medic Third