Letter to Red Savior

(posted Thursday, October 06, 2005)

A return to Stalinism?

Greeting Commissioner Red Savior, and my good friend. Commissioner, I am happy to be returning home after 5 months of missing. I hear that you are expecting your first born Child this is wonderful news I hope your days are filled with joy and happiness. Now to address the matter for which I write this letter. I see from some of the memos that The Russian Battler has resigned of the Kid Crisis Incident. I do not clam to understand what has happened, but I do question your orders in regards to the Mind Scans, Ursa-Major has said that he is in classes in the Ways of Communism has been to the levels of what sounds to be brain washing. Commissioner I found this disturbing and distasteful as your Friend and former comrade in arms. This does not sound like you. It almost sounds like you are trying to return the team to Stalinism. Stalin was a murder as you know commissioner. He killed almost 40 million of our fellow workers just to control over the party. Lennon on his death bed was even fearful of Stalin. I hear of you ordering secret scans and wanting to deal with former members so harshly. I ask you to step back an look at your course of actions, is this really you. Or have you turned into the one thing that Moscow has always wanted you to turn into. Remember in this matters you do not stand alone you still have many friends that are with you, myself include. It seems that you are not listing to the diversity of your team and going alone on your own judgment. Was this not the foundations of the revolution was so that the worker would have a voice, and that all of us are equal to one another? I hope my words help you stop and reflect.
Your Friend and Comrade in Arms