(posted Thursday, October 06, 2005)

And above all, keep track of the email. I don't want you to actually censor it, but there are some tihings that Nat doesn;t need to see directly. A sum-up will do, then archive the thing and let her come back to it if she wants---oh, heck, you know the drill.

Waitron9000 sorted through Commissar Red Saviour's emails and made one-line sum-ups with appropriate links to the archived articles themselves. It was a pleasant five minuite task, usually. Emails from the other Officials were always sent straight on. The Commissar found the tally of organ-enlargement, hair-restoration, and dating-service emails to be amusing. This morning it was 102, 57 and 29 repectively. And 431 for pornography.

She shunted those to Communnard , who was making a serious study of the subject.

Then came one from an outsider that she very nearly dropped into the "critique from the riff-raff file" except that she recalled the inividual and his ranting about how the CCCP had "dropped him like garbage" and decided to give it a closer look.

Dear Sir,

While we appreciate your interest in the CCCP, your letter clearly indicactes that your mindset is more suited to some other group. We encourage you to attend RP Congress meetings and find a group whose intetests more closely parrallel your own. Commissar Red Saviour gets a great deal of mail and regrets she cannot individually answer each one. Thank you for your interest in the CCCP.


Waitron9000, Secretary to Red Saviour II

The mail went into Archive with the transcription of Red-Star's ranting at the meeting and . Noted on the sum-up---

crtitque from former member Red-Star.