The Light That Failed Pt 3

From the Story Arc: A Fine And Private Place

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(posted Saturday, October 08, 2005)

“Incoming!” yelled Last Avatar, as the Vahz rushed them. Shen Fai-Long acted reflexively, but his energy blast went wild without the help of his targeting drone. Soviet Wing’s hit, but was weak. Avatar waded into the mob, attracting and holding their attention, while Wing switched from ineffective attacks to healing—

And with a shout, Oksana let go with her “Soviet Buffalo Gun,” aiming for the Murk Eidolon’s head.

She missed his head, but the blast got him squarely in the chest and knocked him back into the farther wall. As Avatar took out a Mortificator, Oksana let go with the other barrel, knocking the Murk back again just as he got to his feet.

But the rest of the group was still coming—

There was another blinding flash of hot, green energy, and when Oksana could see again—

The attackers were all staggering, clinging to the walls, or groaning on the cement, stunned. A miracle? Didn’t matter.

“Davay, davay, davay!” Oksana screamed. “Git them varmints!”


Somehow Commie Cowgirl had just become the defacto leader of the group. Bella’s second and third involuntary EMP had kept the Vahz stunned long enough for the rest of the group to take them all out.

But now they had another problem. Though unconscious and trussed up, the body-tags weren’t working either. Oksana had never quite appreciated just how nasty the Vahz were when piled up, and chances were once they woke, they were not going to stay trussed up for long. “Tchort,” she swore. “We must be making the tracks out of—“

Bella, now looking almost as corpse-like as the Vahz, threw another EMP.

“This is nyet good,” said Wing, and added in Russian, “What do we do, comrade? My medical training tells me she is in deep shock and very ill, but not what is wrong with her. We must get her out of here, but when we do, if she continues to throw EMPs we put everything within a hundred feet of her in danger. Autos—the tram system—other heroes—and how are we getting her to hospital?“

“First we must be getting out of Dodge,” Oksana said firmly. “I am thinking now. I have solution when we are reaching surface.”

She tossed Wing her Buffalo Rifle. “Here. Is many Vahz between us and surface. Please to be using this. I am having six-guns.”

She slung the unconscious Bella over her shoulder and drew one of the pistols from the holsters at her side. “Keep them healings coming, pardner,” she told Wing. “Now. Saddle up and move ‘em out!”