Perez Park, October 2005

From the Story Arc: Futures and Pasts.

Previous Story in the Arc: Budapest, January 1944 by Albtraum (Friday, October 07, 2005)

(posted Sunday, October 09, 2005)

The Bone Daddy Marrowsnap straightened and walked out of the small makeshift office. The two Skull Gunners standing guard nodded in recognition as he passed by and stared down the corridor.

There were over two dozen hardened Skull troopers between him and the entrance, a small army waiting to tear into any Hellion or Outcast bastards stupid enough to try and retrieve the artifact the Skull’s had stolen from them two weeks ago.

But Marrowsnap wouldn’t feel entirely safe until those fascist toy soldiers from the Council had arrived to take possession of the artifact and pay the remainder of the weapons and munitions that had been promised.

Marrowsnap turned his back and headed back to the office. He had just passed the Skull Gunners when a softly spoken voice spoke suddenly from out of nowhere.

“Archon Voss won’t be coming today. Neither will any reinforcements.”

Marrowsnap spun around, fists clenched as he stared warily into an empty corridor.

A figure shimmered into view, and the temperature began to drop.

The figure that emerged was a pale skinned woman with pointed ears, glowing blue eyes and spiked forearms. She was dressed in tight fitting black leather.

“Fucking hero.” Marrowsnap spat out the words, steam forming on his breath.

“Would you please hand over the artifact, tell your men to disarm and surrender, and we can have a nice little chat about the illegal trade in mystical items.” asked the hero politely, flicking an errant strand of hair back from her face as she addressed the three Skulls.

Muffled laughter came from behind the masks of the Skull Gunners. Marrowsnap sneered and pointed at the hero. “Ice this crazy bitch!”

Albtraum stood perfectly still, her alabaster face unflinching as the Skull Gunners raised their assault rifles and opened fire. She did not step aside or seek cover as the bullets ripped through her clothing and pierced her pale flesh.

Instead Albtraum responded in kind, casually summoning a bolt of hardened ice from her left hand and flinging it at one of the Skull Gunners. The assault rifle dropped from the Skull Gunners fingers as the ice bolt tore through his left thigh and shattered in a bloody splatter of crimson ice shards on the brick wall behind him.

Even as the first Skull Gunner began collapsing in agony, Albtraum extended her right hand and sent forth a larger missile of ice towards the second Skull Gunner.

The thick leather jacket provided no protection from the frozen lance. The Skull Gunner was slammed backwards upon impact, colliding hard against the brick wall with a sickening thud and a low groan that escaped his lips as he toppled forward onto the floor.

Marrowsnap barely had time to raise his hands to try and unleash his dark energies before a chilling blast of arctic air exploded about him and embraced his body in a solid block of ice.

Albtraum walked slowly towards the helpless Marrowsnap, the spent rounds of ammunition contemptuously expelled back out of her flesh and clothing with each step.

Marrowsnap cursed and ranted as he watched Albtraum stride towards him, seeing her wounds heal and her garments repair themselves. His teeth rattled though with each word he forced through his lips. His anger was not enough to keep the cold at bay.

Albtraum slowly raised her right hand in front of Marrowsnap, watching the electrical sparks crackle and dance between her fingers. “A poor choice of words Marrowsnap. Perhaps you will choose the next ones with more care then?”

Marrowsnap swore. “I ain’t gonna say shit to you, hero.”

“I take no pleasure in doing this, Marrowsnap.”

Albtraum sighed regretfully and placed her sparking hand on the ice cage containing Marrowsnap.

Marrowsnap screamed.

And sucked in warm, humid air. His head swam and he felt nauseous. But he still couldn’t move. Below he could hear rough laughter and cursing. Somehow familiar but not comforting. “What have you done to me, bitch?” he said weakly.

“I confiscated the artifact, the Outcasts and Hellions are busy fighting in the warehouse for something that isn’t there, and here we are, atop a building in Perez Park.”

“You letting me go?” asked Marrowsnap sarcastically.

Albtraum smiled. “In a manner of speaking. You’re in the wrong end of Perez Park, Marrowsnap. Fancy a run?”

Marrowsnap shivered, and not because of the ice that still bound him. He knew he was deep in Hellion territory.

Albtraum send a small current of electricity dancing across the ice cage, making Marrowsnap writhe in agony. “You have three seconds to start telling me everything you know about that artifact. There will not be a four.”

Albtraum stood upon the rooftop of the CCCP headquarters and stared at the small artifact in her hands, a ledger sized piece of stone tablet with writing that was very, very old. Writing that she understood even though she knew she couldn’t have.

And the Council was trying to gather all of the stone pieces together.

To rebuild.

To try again.

Albtraum didn’t know if that was possible, and the Other didn’t believe it was either.

But the Council was going to try.

And that could mean nothing at all.

Or it could mean something very bad would happen.