Regarding New CCCP Edict

(posted Sunday, October 09, 2005)

((On official CCCP Stationary in flowing black ink Albtraum wrote a letter to Official Belladonna Aura))

From: Tovarich Albtraum
To: Official Belladonna Aura
Subject: Telepathic scanning re: New Edict from Commissar Red Savior

As requested, I am reporting myself as a Comrade to whom telepathic scanning may prove ineffectual at best, and potentially hazardous to the attempter at worst.

I am willing to submit myself to alternate forms of scanning but wish to point out that polygraphic testing and chemical manipulation may prove just as ineffectual.

I suggest a technological means to possibly accomplish this feat.

As some of our enemies have shown themselves capable of employing such technology, then surely the means exists somewhere for the CCCP to possibly consider employing same measures.

As always I will submit to any debriefing and/or interrogation as deemed necessary in the best interests of the CCCP.

I remain loyal and dedicated member of CCCP and its leadership.