The Light That Failed Pt 6

From the Story Arc: A Fine And Private Place

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(posted Sunday, October 09, 2005)

"Belladonna Aura is dying -- and we don't know why."

Zach felt the words hit him like a cannonball into the stomach. He could not get a breath, and spots were beginning to appear before his eyes. Just as his mind tried to reject this horrible information, his body started to react in kind. Zach hadn't thrown up in years, but he could feel his bile rising in his throat.

He staggered a step back, felt his black murk starting to fill the room, felt his control slipping away..but them he looked at the stunned faces of his comrades, their eyes oozing pain and sadness, and quickly remembered himself. Bella needed him to hold it together.

"Dammit if I'm going to fail Bella now", Zach though to himself, as he walked up to the doctor.

"I need to see her. I am going in there." The doctor shook his head, waving his hands. "I'm afraid that's impossible. She is producing highly toxic radiation and we have no ability to contain it."

Zach spoke slowly and calmly. "Listen. I am going in there, if I have to bust down every wall of this hospital. So either show me where it is, or call the marines now to stop me."

The doctor's face blanched white. "And don't worry about my health, I'm already green."

The doctor slowly pointed his arm down the corridor.

"ICU...she..she's in the burn unit, Xray-1, seemed the safest place. Room two.....two-twelve."

Zach patted the doctor on the shoulder, but then grabbed onto his labcoat and pulled him along. "Good, now we're being helpful. Why don't you show me where it is...and while we are at it, why don't you tell me what you DO KNOW, rather than telling me what you don't."