The Light That Failed Pt 8

From the Story Arc: A Fine And Private Place

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(posted Sunday, October 09, 2005)

Before anyone could react properly to any of this, the team from Chiron arrived.

It was immediately obvious why it had taken them as long as it had to get there.

The object being brought under its own power along the hospital corridor looked something like a hyperbaric chamber. But the fact that it was on tank treads and moved at an agonizingly slow pace made it obvious that it was something else entirely.

The two doctors and five nurse/technicians with it were already in rad-suits. One, a strong-looking man with an uncanny resemblance to Communnard, came straight for Saviour.

"You will be evacua--" she began.

The dcctor held up a hand.

"No need." He looked grim, but absolutely sure of himself. "Between the room itself and this chamber, everyone except the patient will be fine. Believe me, we've contained the worst that a radiation-based mutant can produce, and this chamber is equipped to deal with worse than that." He watched as the bulky object crabbed its way around to manuever in through the door. When it was in place, a temporary screen was put up of more lead-lined sheets, sealing off the corridor for the moment while the door was open. The doctor continued to talk.

"I've been briefed thoroughly on the situation--no need to move the patient nor evacuate the hospital but--" he shook his head. "--we haven't a treatment for this. Operating--"

"Nyet! Out of the question!" That had been explicit in the promise Saviour had made to Bella. "Not unless having room with mechanicals."


The chorus of horrified "Nyets" and "nos" that met that suggestion only made the doctor nod.

"I didn't think so." His eyes flickered. "Stewart Industries had the right sort of facility but--" He shrugged.

"In that case, the only thing I can think of is to get as many metahuman healers as you can and run them in shifts while we try and figure out--something. What your little girl in there is doing is at least slowing the progress of whatever is going on. Maybe more will hold her steady. For now."

Now he looked over at Zach, who of all of them, looked the worst. "Once she's transferred into the chamber it will be safe for people to go in. After that--pray for time, if you do that sort of thing."