The Light That Failed Pt 9

From the Story Arc: A Fine And Private Place

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(posted Sunday, October 09, 2005)

There are times when being small and quiet are advantageous. For the Vietnamese medic, this was definitely one of those times. As her protests went ignored, as the Chiron team arrived, something else popped into Thanh Ha's mind, and quietly, she slipped into the shadows and out of sight.

Dancing from shadow to shadow, the woman known as Social Medicine quickly made her way into the room. There, she slipped back into the light, assured that her Commissars and nguoi ban could no longer see her.

The sight was difficult for the tien si to bear. Her friend, Bella... Covered in lead blankets, with shielded monitoring units collecting data from the various probes the doctors had put on her. The air tube, the IC drip... This was not how a hero was supposed to live. But Victoria was at her side, and Vickie was pumping her healing energies into Bella as fast and hard as she could. The mage hadn't yet noticed her, so it have Thanh Ha a moment to prepare.

She'd been warned this might happen. She'd been getting prepared for it.

Taking off her coolie hat, the Vietnamese set it gently in the corner. Into it she set her communications unit and translation device before she again turned to the prone form of her friend.

Vickie looked up as Thanh Ha approached. The mage was greeted with an open palm, and a simple, "Keep heal." Thanh Ha's grasp of English was getting better, and her intentions were clear. She could feel the excess radiation hit her body as she pulled her hair free from her ponytail, letting the long, black locks fall free. She knelt at Bella's side, opposite from Vickie, and paused a moment. Closing her eyes and swallowing hard, she took off her right glove...

Her hand, more plantlike than human, was set on top of Bella's. Her fingers grew and vined around the woman's blue hand. With her teeth, Thanh Ha removed her left glove, dropping it onto the floor with the other. Left hand placed upon Bella's shoulder, the vining going around the arm and onto the American's chest and neck, Thanh Ha gagged as the radiation tried to make her vomit. Fighting it back, she focused her energies, pumping every ounce of the Earth's healing forces into her friend that she could muster.

Long, black strands slowly, silently fell to the floor like leaves in fall.