The Light That Failed Pt 11

From the Story Arc: A Fine And Private Place

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(posted Monday, October 10, 2005)

"You will decontam now, Miss Victrix."

She knew that tone. And---Thahn Ha was on-station anyway. She could afford the fifteen minutes. More to the point, Bella could. And when they got her into the chamber, there would be no more need to decontam. Vickie could heal as long as she could stand.

And Thahn Ha, who needed to touch to do this---would have to stand down somewhat.

So while she was being scrubbed and de-radiated, she watched the TV in the corner of the room, dully. Some news conference. KC---and an older man---

And then she did a double-take, as a slim young woman in the standard black Crey-issued Armani moved up and whispered something in the older man's ear.



Horror washed over her.

What was the one, single coin that might purchase the soul of Kid Crisis?

"My comm---" she said, then demanded, fiercely, "My comm. Now!"

Swiftly she sent two messages; the first, direct.

"KC, this is VV. Bella is in the hospital in Skyway. She's dying. If you want to say goodbye, get your ass over here."

The second, a broadcast to---a select group. Saviour wanted this under wraps.

Too bad.


Broadcast Friends message:

Tigerbright, Infurno, Black Light, Mori, Jason Collier, CCCP, YC, AoC

"This is Vickie Vee. Get a replay of the Crey Press Conference. Look at the girl talking to the old man.

It's not who it looks like. Bella is in Skyway City Hospital. She's dying. And she's been here since the EMP incident in Skyway last night."


Coded transfer from EinStein to Kid Crisis

"Your little friend Bella is in Skyway City Hospital, and reports are she is not going to make it. RL"