The Light That Failed Pt 12

From the Story Arc: A Fine And Private Place

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(posted Monday, October 10, 2005)

Zach sat in Bella's room...if you could call it that. They were both within the same four walls, but Bella sat within in the medical containment unit that Chiron had assembled, and he was on the outside looking in. She lay there very still, technicians and Vickie moving back and forth and around her. With Bella laying thee motionless and pale, it looked like people viewing a casket at a wake....

Zach's had an involuntary shudder at the thought. This was not going to end like that. The two of them had been through so much, this was supposed to be the good times for them. No encumbrances, personal or professional, the two of them had grown closer and closer. She was his lover, she was his most trusted confidant, she was his best friend. And he couldn't help her.

Zach looked around at all the people here. Sadly, it didn't make him feel any better to have so many friends around, and the sad looks they kept giving Zach made him feel even more helpless. Standing up, Zach walked away from them, across the room towards the "bubble" of plastic and metal that they surrounded Bella with. Zach had suffered his share of radiation burns in his life, if it were only his life at stake he would have gone in there....but doing so would have put countless others in danger. Natalya was right, he couldn't just barge in there.

He manuevered himself so that he was as close to Bella as possible, and put a single hand against the plastic. He leaned his face, by now red-eyed and tear streaked, against the material, and spoke into the plastic.

"I'm here baby girl. Quit playing around, kiddo. This isn't funny any more."

Looking at her for a reaction, he saw none. But he hoped she could hear him, feel his presence in the room with her. She looked so alone in there.

" win. Whatever you want, you've got it. I already signed the lease on that apartment in your building, so I'll give you a key as soon as I get one myself."

Nothing. Not a move. Well, time to pull out all the stops. Clearing his thoat, Zach began singing into the fabric, a tune he knew Bella loved:

If you've been feelin' blue,
Hey, it's been the same for me.
Now I'm here with you,
And you're exactly what I need.

Still no reaction. Slowly, Zach pulled himself away from the tarp and wiped a sleeve across his face. His friends were looking at him with concern and compassion, but he didn't want to be around anyone right now. He just wanted to be with Bella.

Walking past them, he stepped out in the hallway to gather himself, and to get away from the crush of people, most of whom looked at him with. He walked up to a water cooler, and filled himself a paper cup of water.

Zach's comm unit started beeping at that moment. Actually eager for something to take his mind of his helpless state, he took a look at the message:

"This is Vickie Vee. Get a replay of the Crey Press Conference. Look at the girl talking to the old man...."

BB stopped there, and looked up at the T.V. in the hallway. There was KC, playing the role of Crey's dutifull lackey. And there was a girl standing next to him, a youthful looking girl that looked ....that looked....that lying bastard....

There was a splash as the cup and water hit the floor.