The Light That Failed Pt 14

From the Story Arc: A Fine And Private Place

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(posted Monday, October 10, 2005)

Though he had been in the office for months, Michael West kept it quite sparse. Since given the post of AoD Corporation's head of security, he'd never fully let it sink in that he'd be keeping this nice corner office for a while. Sitting back in his chair after finishing yet another pre-review report, the redheaded man rubbed his eyes with his hands. "Mein gott," he muttered, reaching for the remote for the little television in the corner. Clicking it on, he switched from the awful baseball game that was playing to CNN, then picked up the form for his next review.

He'd not had the opportunity to even fill out the first of the form when a familiar voice caused him to perk his eyes up. “Folks, I’m afraid something has come up, and I have to cut this short.” ...Crisis? Blue eyes look at the screen, frowning slightly at the Kid's visage. “A hero’s work is never done.”

Shaking his head, the man known across Paragon as Kuo turned his attentions back to the paper. "I have got to talk to tha..." He paused, his brain forcing his eyes back to the screen to see if it could process something. "...Bell?" he says, staring at the screen in bewilderment. It couldn't be...

In a flash, he picked up the phone and started to dial. A generic voicemail greeting played, then beeped at him. "This is Kuo," he started. "Okay, someone's got to tell me... Did I miss something big, or did Bell follow Crisis to Crey? Drop me a line ASAP." He pressed a button to end the message, then pressed another one to send it to a specific call list... The one he'd marked 'Rebuild Paragon Congress'.

He looked down at the paperwork he had left to work on. "Tomorrow," he said, grabbing his coat and marching out the door. He had a friend to visit.


The process of being removed from Bella's side had not been pleasant. Thanh Ha had fought the techs from Chiron for as long as possible, but she was eventually detached and sent in for decontamination.

The effects on the Vietnamese doctor were readily apparent. Her skin was tinged with red, like a sunburn, with minor blistering on her nose and ears. Her hair had thinned out, as a handful of strands had dropped out during the time she spent with her friend and fellow medical officer. She looked ruefully at her hands, once again gloved, and once again felt impotent. She'd done all she could, but it wasn't enough... Especially when others were preventing her from doing her job. This was a bitter experience, and one that could only get worse...

...thanks to the television set inside the decontamination room. The headshot of the traitor, made her irritable, but the blue figure behind... A terrible, creeping thought entered her mind. ":Chut, :" she said, staring at the screen with widening eyes. "< He has done something to her. He has set this off to kill her off and have another take her place. >"

":duong vat... He will pay for this. :"