The Light That Failed Pt 16

From the Story Arc: A Fine And Private Place

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(posted Monday, October 10, 2005)

"Bella Dawn..." I think this to myself as I race to the hospital to see Bella. The words of Vickie Victrix saying that Belladonna Aura was in an intensive care unit and dying was not the words I needed to hear on this day. It was bad enough she said it once, but three times? I had to turn my communicator off to keep from breaking everything in sight.

In my anger, the first person I blamed was Kid Crisis. Maybe I was wrong to blame him. He has been the focus of everyone's rage lately and somehow, some way, his name was the first that came out. Maybe I shouldn't jump to conclusions like that. Bella needs us all to be there for her and I can't be thinking so unclearly. As I race along the roads of Paragon City toward the hospital in Skyway City, I look at all the people that walk along the street. My superspeed, as civilians call it, is nothing more than time being slowed down for everyone else, but me. I watch these people live their lives in slow motion. They talk and laugh, hold hands and kiss... they don't suffer as much as we that choose to fight the good fight do.

Most important to me is the feelings of Commissar Bestial Boy. I feel his pain because I, too, have lost, like so many and can only imagine the pain he feels now. We all feel this pain.

I stop in front of the hospital steps and hurriedly walk up and through the hospital doors, nearly knocking down people as I come through. The signs point to the intensive care unit and I follow. What I find is most disturbing to me; a congregation of many heroes... friends who can only stand by and watch helplessly as a dear friend dies. The containment chamber surrounding Bella is large, protecting everyone from near possible radiation, but as I approach the chamber and see her lying there, I place my face against the plastic and inside I want to be in there with her. I look over to see Zachary and I want to offer my sympathy, but it hurts too much. There is nothing I can say or do that will change anything about this situation...

Until, I turn around to see commotion around a nearby television and the visage of Kid Crisis... Kid Crey standing near a...

"Bella? What the..."

Zachary peers over at me. He looks into my eyes and he knows the truth is becoming clear to me. I may be out of the loop on many of the going's on of the Rebuild Paragon Congress, but I'm not a f***ing idiot. Some way he's the cause of this and there is proof now. The people in the RPC that backed this traitor and turned a blind eye to his doings are just as guilty. Why did this happen... The angers builds up inside me as these thoughts run through my head. I begin to glow with green energy as these thoughts race in front of my eyes like watching my entire life flash before me.

"So, I was right. I do not understand totally, but he is to blame... that son of a..." I begin coughing. My lungs are burning. I am so angry, my coughing nearly rips my body in two. I wipe my mouth. Blood. Not this again. I look at those around me who see the blood on my hand and I look inside the chamber to see Bella once more.

This is nothing. Whatever the Council infected me with is nothing compared to what Bella is going through. She's dying and though I may be slowly fading, too, the next time I have blood on my hands will not be my own before I'm done... but that of Kid Crey.