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(posted Tuesday, July 27, 2004)

I don’t know if this team is going to hold it together much longer.

Some psycho named Mad Marxist showed up and started spoutin’ off about our squad’s not bein’ hard-assed enough on malls or whatever the old-time Stalinists are always bitchin’ about. That’s not really a big deal by itself, it’s everything that’s been going on since he showed up. Bestla has been freaked out really bad for the last few weeks. I mean REALLY freaked out. She’s holed up in the park more often than not, and has practically made the whole place off-limits to all of us. She made peace with Bear… yea, that wouldn’t be odd for anybody else… this is Pack, though. I know the General [Blade] and I offered to help her, but she’s pretty much shut the whole team out. Not good for a girl who’s always had a pack. Still, I know something about privacy, so I’ll give her all she needs. Be nice to have her back to her old annoying, ass-kickin’ self, though.

Weird thing though, She has managed to find some renegade clocks and make friends with them. Damndest thing I ever saw. She showed me their little group and how they just like hangin’ around her place in the park. Girl never ceases to surprise me.

Nobody’s seen ‘List in weeks. Damn, the guy’s squirrely, but this is odd. I never pegged him as the type in it for the long haul, but he has been there since the beginning with Pack, Unt and I. This is an even bigger problem because Menace is now one of the big three and has been leanin’ on me to get the crap done that ‘List used to take care of. I suppose it’s good to have Menace on the central committee; at least I can work with him. Red and I really don’t speak and it’s pretty obvious that Moj and I don’t see eye-to-eye on damn near anything.

Every one of the Latino (Spanish? Hell, I don’t know, List was the one that translated that for me. All I know is I can’t understand a word they say and according to him they all work in the service industry.) kids have gone missing the last few weeks… Fidelista, Gato, Pablo… nobody’s heard a damn thing from any of them.

Car? Svarog? Haven’t seen ‘em. Nobody’s heard much from them for a while.

Radical was always a recruiter and an activist from what I’ve heard. Plan? I may see him about once a month or so but I’ve never even met this Soviet Star. We’ve got a few kids that have signed on, but damn, are they green. The bottom line is we’re not much of a squad right now. It doesn’t really do much good to talk to the committee because they’ve got their hands full with WC back in Russia. On top of that, Moj has been actin’ real odd… ’somethin’ seriously wrong’ odd. I don’t know what it is, but the field reports don’t mention anything about injuries. I wouldn’t put it past him to start leavin’ details out of reports just to limit the info WC had on us. Respect him more if he started putting in a few decoy’s to check and see if it’s acted on or not.

The problem is, I know they see that there are an awful lot of things happenin’ at once, I just don’t think that they see those things as part of a larger problem. First; WC issues the edict to purge the senior team and start the Brigade. Something about ideological purity… but it really just seemed like he wanted the ones he knew together and everybody else out of the club. Second; this shadow organization shows up and starts in on the “you’re not commie enough” bit, pointing out some of the shortcomings of the Brigade in a very public forum. Of course it has shortcomings, the experienced members all stay on the senior squad and a green squad, no training, no history, no ties, is thrown together and they expect anything different? This was done to erode public trust, nothing else. Third; MM starts talking about how our face is too public (don’t really disagree with him there… but the man is a psycho. One of those ‘end justifies the means’ types) which is pretty much a direct shot at Moj and Red. Fourth; a few weeks after the Group purge, the RB starts to disappear, one by one.

I can’t say for sure, but WC is behind this somehow. I may be getting’ paranoid on accounta burnin’ it at both ends, but if I wanted the RB outta the way. That’s how I woulda done it. No bodies, start with the ones with the fewest ties to the group, rattle the cages of a few that aren’t exactly the most stable (and WC conveniently has full psych evals on them) [note: review security files in CCCP base, the last thing I need are certain issues becoming too public], make the rest of ‘em not trust the ones who haven’t been touched… then watch it fall apart. His good little Russian group comes back into the fold. His house is clean.

I would swear I’ve been followed the last few days. I don’t know if these are Pact operatives or not, but they’re professionals. Not Skulls, Hellions or any of the other amateurs on the streets. Pros. The kind that the military trains. I’ve managed to lose them before I got back to the sewer base, but I’m not sure about how secure this place is.

Would like to get with Unt, see what he knows about any of this. Don’t know how much I should throw out until I get some more answers… even to Unt. Can’t talk to Ursa, Reactor, Major or Soviette ‘til I know where they stand. The Mechs? Prefer to avoid them if I can. Krush and Kozyrev? Not on your life. Those guys are hard-liners. That leaves the General, Menace and Spectre. Spectre was actually on a patrol squad tonight. Joined up but never really got a chance to talk to either him or the General and I need proof before I go to Menace. I know he and WC have a past, but I’ve got to be able to back this up.

I need time to work on this and time seems to be one thing that WC wants to make sure we don’t have.