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(posted Monday, October 10, 2005)

In a place not far, in a time nearly forgotten an old building stood---waiting for life. The atrium was bright and warm, the light here different to everywhere else, it seemed pleasant rather than glaring – natural and soft rather than artificial and harsh. In an old and neglected grandeur of white metal and beautiful lighting effects, there was a breeze blowing, as if out in the open air in summer or late spring, that ruffled the white tapestries and prevented the warmth from becoming an uncomfortable heat.

A small but glowing ball of light and energy floated to the ground like a fallen leaf in autumn.
It was transparent and looked too marvelous to be real. It flowed like the brightest of paints on an artists moving canvas. It began to tug at memories that were hauntingly familiar.

A gentle voice whispered.

Everyone has a place inside them
In which they live their fantasies
Where they look at their life
And solve all their mysteries

This place can be reality
If you dream with innovation
Limited only to originality
Your world is your creation

Home World was reborn to the senescent spring, the air of summer seemed to be latent in the brush and the flowers were witness to the magnificence of such a beautiful day of mixed seasons. It was cool and the breeze felt like a gentle brush from a silk hand.

Leaning over the marble fountain he fixed his eyes upon the mirrored water and became captured by its reflection. Like black glass the liquid did not wave--- nor ripple--- nor even a flutter.

“Drink from the water” the voice whispered again.

Plunging his hands into the soft water, his fingers cupped the clear liquid. Bringing it to his mouth he drank, the cold water cascaded down his throat spilling over his lips down his chin. As he went for more his image was gone replaced by another. It was faint almost blurred hidden in the moving water. Impatiently he waited for the water to slow, and as the image fainted he could see a face, a familiar face.

“Bella!” Home World responded out loud, although his smile quickly turned as her face faded away into the dark abyss.

“Bring her back!”

“I cannot --- but I can bring you to her”.

Home World floated in through the outside wall, he could see Zach sitting by her, he looked as he had not slept in sometime and had not left her side. The clock on the wall began to slow and movements slowed to a halt. Time had stopped.

“Bella, Bella can you hear me?"

I could, even through the booming noise I could hear the distinct voice perfectly. I tried to face my guest but couldn't see anyone in the whole circumference of the field. "Who's there?" I queried, looking around the hazy field in vane.

"Bella, do no be afraid, there is no reason to be afraid."

"Where are you? I can’t see you, I see only light"

Home World smiled as the beautiful little princess looked up at him with those big sapphire eyes. The tears sparkling as they erupted from the corner of her eyes. She stuttered as he began to speak again.

"I am here with you, it is only you and I" he said in a soft tone, sending chills down her back. She desperately searched the distance of her sight; the strong light blinded her eyes. She stretched her arms out almost in an effort to touch what she could not see.

"Who are you….what do you want?"

"I just wanted to see you, I’m sorry you have this pain, I wish I could take it back." he replied in a soft spoken manner, almost like he was weeping. Bella lay there quietly, letting the words run through her head, the voice was so familiar.

"I don't understand."

"Bella…don’t be afraid. You’re as beautiful now as ever, I will always love you Bella, good-bye."

The warmth began to deplete and the light recede, before long she was alone again. The sky above was enriched with a deep blue and the wind was no more than a sensual breeze.