The Light That Failed Pt 22

From the Story Arc: A Fine And Private Place

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(posted Tuesday, October 11, 2005)

Gaia’s Soldier stood a silent vigil outside the time pocket that contained her two friends. The radio was alive with talk of some imposter Bella, but she couldn’t follow the meat of it. Her focus was on her two comrades and the helplessness she felt in just simply watching. She was a fighter, except this time there was no bag guy to fight, not battle to be one with physical force. It was maddening.

She saw something out of the corner of her eye come out of the barrier and land on the floor. Gaia kneeled down as Health Fairy went to pick it up and read it over her shoulder.

Comrades, I have an idea. If you cannot get me the false Bella, I have a different task. The small emanating pets the Devouring Earth create are needed. Gather as many as you can and bring them here.

Gaia let out a quiet sound of triumph. As health Fairy send out the call on the Congress comm. channel. Gaia did as well. She repeated it on each channel she could think of.

To all heroes that would assist in the treatment of Belladonna Aura. We are charged with either capturing the imposter Bella or seeking out and detaining as many of the Devoured Earth as we can. Considering how many of you owe your lives to Bella, I am certain she and the CCCP can count on all of you to assist in these tasks.

Gaia turned off the comm. and sighed, hoping she had sounded official. Knowing that many of the stronger heroes would be after the woman, she ran out of the building and towards the tram. She knew a large area of the creatures in Talos Island One more call and she would soon be there. “HB, baby. Can you meet me in Talos? We got a bit of hunting to do.”