The Light That Failed Pt 23

From the Story Arc: A Fine And Private Place

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(posted Tuesday, October 11, 2005)

...The small emanating pets the Devouring Earth create are needed...

Thanh Ha woke from a dreamless slumber to those words echoing over her comlink. A call to arms for many, but for her... simply a call to action. Slipping quietly out of her bunk, she looked down and smiled wearily at the sight of Vickie and Red, curled up together peacefully. They were lucky, those two. They each had the other to look to for comfort. Shaking off the slight jealousy building in her mind, the Vietnamese doctor stepped quietly into the hallway and headed for the nearest nurse's station. Clipping on her translator, she spoke calmly and politely, "< Excuse me. Thanh Ha need a bucket and water. Would it be possible to procure? >"

The blonde nurse, obviously very used to the strange requests of superheroes, nodded and stood. "Of course, dear," she said, pushing in her chair. "I'll bring that right out."

"< Thank you, nguoi ban, >" Thanh Ha said, pressing her forehead against a pillar, the coolness of it soothing. A few moments later, the nurse returned with a cart, the small bucket, half-filled with water set upon it.

"There you go, dear," the blonde said, smiling as the short Vietnamese hefted the bucket off the cart and set it back down on the ground. Thanh Ha bowed to her, then lifted the bucket again and started waddling towards Bella's room.

It truly was a comical sight, had anyone been in the mood to seek humor. Social Medicine, Medical Officer for the CCCP, waddling like a penguin with a bucket in front of her, carried with both hands, passing through the hallway and into the room where Bella and Shyft were frozen in time. Once inside, she set the bucket down and nodded to Health Fairy, then turned to her Commissar. Zach was awake, barely, with only fear and anger driving him on. "< She is strong, Chinh Uy, >" she said softly, resting a hand on his shoulder. "< She will return to you. >"

Zach simply nodded. The fatigue was getting to him. Sighing and nodding herself, Thanh Ha went back to her bucket, picking it up again and finding a convenient corner to set herself into. Sitting down, legs hugging the bucket, she quieted her mind. For only the second time in the time she had spent in Paragon City, she removed her gloves... The mass of vines and branches that formed her hands were set along the rim, her fingers growing and seeking out the water as she meditated, pushing her mind and body back, letting the force of nature inside her take control...

As she slipped into a trance, her fingers found the water, slowly drinking it into her body. Leaves began to form in her hair as her healing energies began to pulsate, a constant aura emanating from her in one-second intervals.

Thanh Ha was a man-made Tree of Life. The first Devouring Earth emanator had been found.