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(posted Wednesday, October 12, 2005)


TO: Krasniy Zakat
FROM: Belladonna Aura
DATE: September 30, 2005

Dear Zakat;

I'm not only an official, I'm a medical officer and an empath. I literally feel your pain, and dammit, this is rridiculous. I can't let this go on, so even though I also can;t authorize you an exception---only Saviour can do that----I can do this:

I am officially releasing you to detached duty to aid the members of the Coallition. With the turmoil created by Kid Crisis, many of our alles are short of members. While I cannot authorize work within the CCCP until Comissar Commundard or Red Saviour permit it, there is no reason why your talents and abilities cannot continue to aid the workers of Paragon. As medical officer I also authorize this detached duty as neccessary to your health.

It's logged and filed, and nicely bound up in triplicate copies and Zach countersigned on it.

I suggest AoC as good people to team up with, but just juch on the RPCongress channel.