Kostyak's journal (7-28 b)

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(posted Thursday, July 29, 2004)


Well, a few of us managed to track Moj down tonight in Kings Row. Me, Menace, Heavy and Reactor. Damn… I knew somethin’ was goin’ on but nothing like this… first off, when we find him, he’s roaming the streets babbling to… well, to be honest, I have no idea. My Russian sucks and I don’t think it would have mattered if I was a native. Menace started trying to calm him down and Moj starts screamin’ that he’s ‘half the man he was’, he’s got a crazy look in his eye and I’m half-sure he’s going to come flyin’ at me at any moment. If I didn’t know better, I would swear he’s on Rage. Then he screams… and man, as long as I live I will never forget that sound… and then his skin… just splits. Then his bones just shoot out! He never stops screamin’ and I couldn’t have made a sound to save my life.

Menace keeps his head and calms Moj down enough so that Reactor can do his thing… keep the pain down if nothin’ else. Then Menace starts mutterin’ about ‘him’… I wish I could remember exactly what he said, but I was still trying to get my head straight and absorb all o’ this. As soon as I realized what he said, I started grillin’ him… maybe not my smartest move, confrontin’ a mystic warrior who’s been at it for 4 centuries. Heavy started in on him as well… Menace just seemed almost lost in thought… He starts to tell us about pretty much we were all thinking… that this is WC’s hand all over this, when Moj goes nuts and blows right by Reactor and me before we can even move, screamin’ about blood. How he smells it… how he needs to hunt. We’re surprised yeah, but we’re pro’s too… we’re up and after him fast. Once we get rollin’ there’s no way he can lose us, Menace is a shadow-jumper and I’m about as fast as Moj ever was. That’s the thing… he ain’t the old Moj. I don’t know what’s goin’ on with him… but it ain’t just a cosmetic change.

We’re on him in a few seconds… Not before he tore right through a trio of Skulls… just tore ‘em apart. Heavy and I try to put the lock-down on him. He may not be as powerful as he was… but damn sure ain’t a pushover. The two of us together can barely keep a lock on him. He’s talkin’ about how he’s a freak now… cursin’ WC with every other breath. Reactor starts takin’ samples… Blood and that stuff that’s seepin’ outta his bones. Menace asks me to take the samples to the hospital, but if this is WC like we think, he’s going to know we’d try somethin’ like that in order to get Moj a cure. He’d probably also be suspicious if we avoided taking a sample to a med-lab. I split the sample… we had plenty. I dropped some off with Genny Saunders at the Med Center. She’s alright, but the security is for crap there. Dropped the rest of at the sewer base… I’m pretty sure that WC doesn’t know about that.

As soon as I get back to the group, we start tryin’ to come up with a plan. I’m thinkin’ we need to keep this between us and we need to start makin’ a list. Menace had briefed Heavy and Reactor on my report so everybody was workin’ from the same page. Menace and I both think Spectre is okay and I gotta tell ya, I breathed a helluva lot easier when he assured me that the General was not with WC. Everybody else, we need to keep in the dark as far as I was concerned. Menace and Moj know WC best and the General has more tactical experience than any of us.

Menace said that WC had been tryin’ bring the Panthers under his wing back in Heavy’s day, so he was going to hit some of his old contacts and see what he could turn up. Menace has the highest clearance so he was going to get hold of the personnel files and see if he could find any ties in there. He wanted me to get into the gangs and see what WC had been tryin’ to do on the streets. I had been workin’ on this for a few weeks ever since the incident with Vhaz and I think I’m gettin’ close. We decided to hole Moj up in the sewer base for the next few days.

Lotta work ahead.