Part 1

From the Story Arc: Shyfting Perceptions

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(posted Wednesday, October 26, 2005)

Shyft floated through her front door, sparks and trails from charged protons bouncing off her field. She was giddy with delight. It was the best evening patrol she had ever been on. She smirked. Well, the most entertaining at least.

And now Hegemon was coming for dinner! Well not until Friday, but still. He would come over for dinner, and they would watch a movie and it would be....

It would be a date.

Kicking off the stiletto pumps, she floated into the kitchen. She would cook him a traditional Russian meal and they would curl up on the sofa and watch a funny movie and it would be perfect.

Shyft's eyes snapped open and she went white.

She was suddenly struck by the two major problems she faced.

Cerenje Wolkoff may have been a world famous physicist and Shyft may have been rapidly becoming a hero of the city, but neither of those qualifications taught her how to cook anything more than instant oatmeal, canned soup and micro waved burritos.

And movies? She didn't watch movies. Her TV was a means of seeing the news or watching operas or soccer. Something funny? She smacked herself in the forehead. What was she thinking?

She opened her cellphone and frantically called Nicolette. She had dated before. She would know what to do.


CeCe sat on the floor, panting in anticipation, her mind racing. A copy of "The Princess Bride" sat on top of her DVD player. Boomer had assured her that it was funny and it had no technology in it to confuse or befuddle Hegemon. She had left a frantic message on Thea and Alexei's voicemail. Certainly she could whip something Russian up that Hege would enjoy. Hopefully the part about no chocolate had not been cut off. Hege's roommate had made it clear that chocolate was a bad idea.

But what should she wear? Formal? Jeans? She sighed and shook her head as she cradled it in her hands. The date was still several days away and she still worried about it as if he would walk in the door at any minute.

Why was she so flustered? He was certainly not the first man she had dated. He was not even the first hero. She bit her lower lip. He was seven feet of perfect gentleman trapped in a few hundred pounds of invulnerable magic armor.

And he didn't fear her.

Shyft wrapped her arms around herself and gave a little sigh. Two days away. How ever would she manage?