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(posted Thursday, October 27, 2005)

To: Red Savior


Commissioner Operation Statesman Strike is a Failure. Last night at 8 PM east coast time Operation Statesman Strike was to put and end to Villains on the Rouge Isles and bring justice and peace back to the Isles. I went in with the second wave of heroes the team had the code name Team longbow Alpha Beta. The portals opened up on command and the team stepped through there was 30 of us total. We where assigned to back up the first wave that was ordered to take Fort on Mercury Island. When we stepped through we where in the mist of a meat grinder Heroes and villains laid every witch way on the ground the blood was everywhere. The Villains had some how been warned of our arrival, before the team captain could order a rescue portal to get us out of the ambush the captain was killed. From that point on we fought for our lives. For every villain that was dropped 3 more took their place. In the mist of the fight I say something that sent shivers down my spin. The Czarist was leading a team of villains and by his side was General Postiski. The Czarist was covered in the blood of the longbow solders that I had arrived with, one of the poor souls he killed by breaking the woman’s neck. He fought like a demon a man possesd. General Postiski, and his team of mercenaries where quickly dispensing with all of the heavy firepower the longbow team had. I had been in the fight for more than 2 hours the team I arrived with was down two of us. A young lady by the name of Becky she had just signed up with longbow 6 months ago, this was her first assignment. I took Becky under my arm and flew to a command ship that was 5 miles away from Mercury Island when I arrived Becky had goon into shell shock. I told the commanding officer of what happened. He said that this was the same report coming from all over the other Rouge Isles. The longbow teams where being taken down as fast as they where being sent in the Mission commanders where determined to hold there ground and liberate this isles. Our old friend Statesman was there along with, Ms. Liberty. He was getting ready to lead the next wave in. Commissioner I fear that the Mighty Statesman may have fallen in this Battle…. I am returning from this operation on one of the medical cruisers that was assigned to this operation. Commissioner the ship is full of wounded and dieing. This Operation was a failure. I do not think this will be reported fully in the press. I am at a lost to know what to do. I will report what I say at the next Congress meeting this Tuesday.