Zach Marlowe: Privyet Eye Part 3

From the Story Arc: Lovers and Heroes

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(posted Thursday, October 27, 2005)

Two guys burst through the door, guns blazing.

The doll screamed as Zach erupted from behind his desk, planting one foot in the face of the nearest. She ducked for cover, but also kicked the chair she'd been sitting in towards the apes who'd invaded the place. The chair hit the second one in the shins, and if it had only been two of them, guns or no guns, it would have been Zach Marlowe's day.

But four more gorillas piled in right after them, and the last thing he saw was the little blue broad being hauled out, screaming and kicking, before he got dogpiled and it was lights out.

He came to tied to his own ladderback chair in his own office. Two goons stood on either side of the battered door like the guards at Buckingham Palace, while four more kept their gats trained on him. There was no sign of the doll.

Then she came strolling in like she owned the joint. She was long and lean and wore a tailored black suit that made the one Bella wore look like something from the Salvation Army bin. She looked at him down her long, aristocratic nose, and smiled. It was the kind of smile a shark has just before it bites someone in two.

He knew her, all right. They'd had some brush-by encounters in the past. And if ever there was a moll he wanted to see in the slammer, this was the one. The original Black Widow herself, a real man-eater.

Contessa Creymona.

"Mr. Marlowe," she said, in a voice with an accent as phony as a three-dollar bill. She was no more Italian than he was. Born and bred in Brooklyn, according to his sources. Married the "Count," who was no more a Count than Zach was a King, and took over the leadership of the Family when the Count had a little "accident" that left him drooling in a bed in a very expensive nursing home. "Well, Mr. Marlowe. You have been an inconvenience to me before. I hope that you will take my word of warning that in this case, being an inconvenience will result in a tour of the bottom of the river."

Zach waggled his bruised jaw a little before speaking. "Be a help if I knew what it was I was supposed to avoid, doll."

The Contessa lowered her long-lashed lids over her eyes. "The girl. Miss Parker. Forget her, forget you ever saw her. She was never here. I trust you understand me?"

"Not exactly."

The corners of the Contessa's mouth turned down. "Her brother is being reluctant to cooperate in our joint business venture. So I've invited her to be our guest, knowing she will persuade him where his best interests lie. Your best interests lie in forgetting either of them exist."

So there was the big picture. Looked like Bella's brother had some backbone after all. He wasn't brewing what the Family wanted. Trouble was, they'd figured this out, and now the blue Bell was going to be used to apply the pressure on him.

Zach knew all about those kinds of pressure. They started by breaking fingers…and that was just to prove they were serious.

He'd hated the Contessa before. Now he loathed her. And he was going to see her in hell before he let her hurt that sweet little dame—

"Remember what I told you, Zach Marlowe," the Contessa said, turning her back, and sauntering out, hips swaying like a snake doing the hula. "It would be a shame to have to introduce you to the fishes."

He sensed the sudden movement of one of the gorillas next to him, and tried to duck.

Then as the butt of the gat crashed into his head, it was lights out.