Report To Red Menace re: Metamorphosis 1

From the Story Arc: Mojiotok: Metamorphosis

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(posted Saturday, July 31, 2004)


I took Moj out because I needed to test a theory. Before you start pullin’ things offa me, read my third report… it explains why.

Like I said, I needed to test somethin’ out in the field, so I needed a squad to run interference while I watched Moj. Spectre and The General were obvious choices based on our discussions (but I may have screwed up here, which is the purpose of this report), Torch was there… wasn’t my choice, I tried to keep the numbers down, but I couldn’t bar him without raisin’ suspicions.

Well, Moj was his usual fun self and decided to get his ‘freak’ on and popped the bones… Torch and The General acted about the same way I did when I first saw it… Spectre was intrigued… but I think we both expected that outta him. I talked everybody down and finally got The General to table the discussion until after the mission.

Well, Moj was a barely controllable mess until he started tearin’ into some of the Family (I think report #3 will explain why). He was covered in blood and practically ecstatic… The General was furious and ready to flaw anyone she remotely thought might be responsible. Torch kept repeatin’ “this is NOT my Commissar” like it was a mantra that would make it all go away. It was not good… and I think it’s only going to get worse when the team at large finds out.

We tore through fast and sloppy, it was clear everybody had one eye on Moj… except Spectre… who just seems more withdrawn every time I see him… almost like he’s not completely here on this plane, y’know what I mean? You don’t have him on a hunt somewhere else do ya?... sorry, not really the issue here and none o’ my business right now.

Here was the part I dreaded… after we got done, The general starts layin’ down the law. Talkin’ about how Moj is little more than an animal and hintin’ that he needed to be caged. I started layin’ into her about it… I know it didn’t help because I was bein’ so damn secretive… but, damn… it’s Moj… she’s been to the wall with that guy at her back. Hell, I don’t like the guy, but he never let any of us hang.

Spectre was calmer than I thought he would be… I’m pretty sure he knew that if he and The General weren’t in on the team, that you would be and you knew what you were doin’.

There was tension ‘tween me and The General… and then she did what I was afraid she was going to do… she pulled rank on me. Ordered me to fully disclose what I knew. There’s no way I could tell her what I knew right then so I stonewalled her… I kept all names out of it, just referred to ‘we’ and ‘a team’ was handlin’ it. It got heated and ended with me tellin’ her that her anger was not my biggest problem at the moment.

She gave us three days… then she puts Moj down.

We need a backup plan… if we can’t solve this to her satisfaction, we gotta get Moj gone.

She looks like she’s leanin’ real close to tossin’ me outta this group. See what you can do ‘bout talkin’ to her and getting’ her calmed down, kay? Just want you to know if it happens, I’m in for the long haul. We finish this… this was my team he hit.

Stayed up for the next 13 hours finishing this work so I could get you what I knew. Gotta sleep… we got 2 ½ days left, Boss. We’re under the gun.


(I left it up to you as to when and how we bring Spectre and The General in.)