Mutual Assured Destruction

From the Story Arc: First Winter

Previous Story in the Arc: A Brief History by Soviet Winter (Thursday, June 23, 2005)

(posted Friday, November 04, 2005)

Soviet Winter wiped the sweat from his brow picked up his drink and took a rather large gulp of the vodka in his glass. He put the glass down and with a heavy sigh he pressed record once again on the tape recorder. My Comrades he started, this is where my tale turns sour.

The Soviet Speedster took off at supersonic speed to hit Ubermench from behind. But unfortunately Ubermench was just as fast, and hit him with how is it the American’s say, a forearm shiver. He hit the Speedster square in the chest and I heard the sickening sound of the Speedster’s spine snapping in half. The Speedster’s body skidded across the ground like a discarded rag doll as he must have died instantly.

I started to use my ice blast on Ubermench but he used some kind of heat vision out of his eyes and exploded the Red Savior android into thousands of pieces. Two of the pieces caught me, one in the leg, that left me sprawled on the ground, and one in the back of the head that left me very dazed for the rest of the battle. With in a few seconds we had already lost 2 members of Red Force One and I might be crippled for life.

Natasha started to move cautiously around the perimeter of the fight, while Berlin Wall and Red Guard charged from the front. Again Ubermench used his heat vision, but this time it harmlessly bounced off of the sturdy Berlin Wall. Berlin Wall did not hold back and hit Ubermench square in the jaw, and sent the Nazi villain skidding backwards. Red Guard then made a wheeling motion with his great hammer of the people and hit Ubermench with all he had also. The enchanted hammer which Red Guard used shattered into a million pieces,” T’fu, propast!” yelled Red Guard, “Nyet, Nyet!” he screamed with more urgency, but it was too late! Natasha started firing her Uzi at Ubermench. The bullets bounced off of Ubermench and returned to there source and terribly riddled her body. Red Guard fell to his knees sobbing, he and Natasha were recently married.

Berlin Wall used this distraction to get behind Ubermench and applied a choke hold to the villainous Nazi killer. Ubermench kept his cool and flew straight up at an incredible speed. Tons of snow and ice fell from the roof and buried me. I lost conscious very rapidly. I thought it amusing at the time the a man with ice and snow powers would die from ice and snow. The rest of the events surrounding the death of Red Force One were later giving to me by Spetznaz.

It seems that Ubermench flew up to the outer atmosphere and fought the Berlin Wall until the Wall lost conciseness. Ubermench then encased the Berlin Wall in a satellite and then buried deep beneath the ice of the South Pole. Then he captured and slowly tortured Red Guard to death. A few hours after his dismembered body was found by Spetznaz they found me as well and transported me to UCLA medical center. I laid in a coma for 2 months, and awoke to find my hair had turned white.

After I had made a full recovery I placed myself on an inactive status from superhero work. I went back to my original work of interdimensional travel. After many interviews I found an adapt assistant by the name of Rick Powers. His name was vaguely familiar to me at the time but I just could not figure out where I had heard at the time. We came up with many theories on dimensional travel and had greatly improved the peoples technology. We were able to open bigger portals and very stable containment fields. We also figured out that because of my accident I would never able to cross dimensions safely. You see since my powers draw snow and ice from some dimension I have not yet charted I am kind of a being in dimensional flux. Rick and I theorized that if I crossed the dimensional divide with out some sort of containment suit I would create some sort of dimensional wake behind me that would pull the dimension behind me inside out. Thus destroying it!

In the mean time Ubermench had begun to pull the 5th Column together, he even sought out the Torah Three and slaughtered them. The Torah Three were an old Israeli supergroup that was in hiding since the Cold War ended. It was a cold blooded murder. Ubermench was the most wanted villain on our planet.

Then in October of 04 Rick Powers came to me with a fantastic idea. Rick’s plan was to lure Ubermench to our labs, trap him in a containment field and then send him to some other dimension. Simple and easy is what Rick said, with all of his American cockiness. I took a month to get in battle shape again for our big rematch. This would be one of the first times I would be back out in the limelight and we made many announcements and promotions that there was no way Ubermench would be able to resist our invention to destroy what we had built.

Dec.7th 2004 was the big day there was much fanfare and pomp surrounding the unveiling of our dimensional transporter. I was to be the test subject, even though we knew that I could not change dimensions. See the plan was to lure Ubermench into the containment area and turn on just the field just to hold him in place till we decided what to do with him. So we brought a few reporters into the test area and said: “Now we shall transport Soviet Winter across the dimensional divide, and right on cue Ubermench crashed into the containment field.

“Herr Winter now it is time for to die slowly in front of the viewing audience.” laughed Ubermench

Sweat seeped from my brow and I thought come on Rick turn on the field, and I said “Nyet today is the day your reign of terror ends!” With that I fired a Bitter Freeze at Ubermench which he easily dodged. He moved like lightening and grabbed my hand and bent it back to my elbow snapping my arm in one quick vicious move.

He stalked back around the room and laughed, “ This is the first of my broken bones you will suffer today”

I tried to fire another blast but could not even pull together a snowflake, and with they he hit me with his heat ray and burnt the flesh and muscle from my jaw. The smell was like a barbeque where a hamburger fell in and the meat smoldered for hours. I raised my left hand and made a replacement jaw of ice.

“ So the Ice Man can make new body parts from Ice? How about bone?” Ubermench cackled as he hit me with a right cross to the chin. I watched in horror as my shattered chin bone scattered in hundreds of pieces across the floor. Now I made as best a chin as I could fashion from ice. I would not be able to stay conscious much longer.

“Well I guess that leaves me no choice but to remove a limb.” Ubermench said as he moved in for the kill. With that the containment field turned on and new laughter filled the air. It was at that moment I realized what a fool I had been. It may have been because of Rick Powers young appearance or my own cockiness but I should have realized much sooner that Rick Powers was Allied Force!

“Now isn’t this grand” Allied Force said, I get to watch and enemy of old take down the one of the Commies who put the good U. S. of A. in the mess it’s in now!”

Both Ubermench and I were suspended in the air unable to move.

You do remember, Winter the old ways of Mutual Assured Destruction right?

Lord no! I thought, so I mumbled Rrriick nnnoot rooooo it.

I just have to press this button and it will send you to a different dimension Soviet Winter and this reality will fold up behind it and we win! All you lousy commies are gone! President Reagan came up with this ultimate solution I am going to carry it out.

Then Ubermench began to laugh hysterically

What are you laughing at! yelled Allied Force

I can not believe that you have come up with such a grand and awesome plan of destruction I am quite proud to be here to witness it.

Screw you, you Nazi bastard! And with that he went and pressed the button.

I tried to scream no but only a whimper came out. I felt the reality around me begin to suck in around me, and I was pulled through the dimensional hole. As I looked back I saw my dimension peel it self apart. I saw in a bit of irony Allied Forces flesh peel back from his face and once again I lost consciousness