Report To Red Menace re: Metamorphosis 2

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(posted Saturday, July 31, 2004)


If you remember my report on the Doc Vhaz situation a week or two ago, I think I might be gettin’ close to an answer. You ain’t gonna like this if I’m right.

I’ve been checkin’ out the gangs for the last few weeks on accounta the fact that there has started to be some movement goin’ on. At first I thought it might’ve been somebody rampin’ up the gang wars and the Lost were gettin’ hit the hardest. I managed to get into some of their street rallies and even managed to get into one of their bases. The weird thing was, they didn’t act at all like there was a war goin’ on… it was just gangland SOP. I’ve butted heads with these guys enough to get a pretty good read on them and they weren’t prepped for war.

You’re probably wonderin’ why I’m tellin’ ya this with the Moj thing goin’ on… Well, I knew WC would want to intercept or replace the sample we got from Moj. So, I split the samples and stashed a back-up (it’s a general policy when handing evidence over). I also planted a minor cantrip to let me know if the sample I turned over was switched. Sure enough, the next day Genny had me come by and pick up the results. There didn’t seem to be any additive agents into the blood (I didn’t turn any of the green stuff over) but the residual mystic energy that was with the sample was also not there (real low-grade stuff, unfortunately it’s already worn off and I can’t track with it). The thing that struck me as odd was that the result was the findings were real similar to when I had gotten blood & tissue samples from the Lost… just south of where we found Moj…

I had the Lost samples in cryo back at the base. After I thawed them out, I took them over to a guy I know who does some research that isn’t exactly the kind you advertise for… his conclusion; if he was a bettin’ man, the blood contains the same agent. Moj is a mutant so it probably affected him different than the street trash that make up the Lost. Then it started to make sense as to why the Lost were disappearin’. They weren’t getting’ popped by other gangs… they were gettin’ harvested.

Here’s my guess, WC needed somebody here to synthesize the agent (easier than shippin’ it in) and my guess is that it was The Doc. You’ll see why when I send you my report on what we found in Moj’s system. I would lay money that somethin’ happened between the two and WC had us do his dirty work. From what you tell me about the guy, that seems exactly what his MO is. I ran into another Eleidon when I was doin’ some follow-up to this, some broad named Hunter. She was babblin’ about bein’ “beautiful again” and how “he said he could do it” the girl was hysterical… I was lucky to get out alive. I’ve been lookin’ for who ‘He’ could be… I think I know now.

Here’s the other problem, Boss… Pack was on that mission. She was right in the thick of it with those damn zombies all over her. If WC had agents in The Doc’s clan, he could have easily gotten a tissue sample from her… or made sure that something got IN her. She started freakin’ out a few days after that. I had been assuming it was a reaction to Marxist showin’ up… I think I was wrong.

We need to get samples from her, and fast.


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