Falling Through the Cracks

From the Story Arc: The Hunt For Krasniy Oktyabr

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(posted Saturday, December 03, 2005)

Bella rubbed both temples with her fingertips. This was rapidly turning into a headache. Did this official stuff ever get any easier?

Look, you weren't an official when we lost track of Krasniy Oktyabr and Nova Requiem. And you were kind of in the middle of a pile of problems yourself.

Yes, but that was no excuse. Comrades were supposed to look out for comrades. Look how all of CCCP had been looking out for her when she was sick!

You're an official now, and you know, so do something about it.

Yes, and one of the advantages to being partnered up with the acting Commissar was that she could snuggle up to Zach and when he asked how her day had been or what was bothering her, she could actually tell him.

So she had. One missing comrade found--and holy crow, under what circumstances! And one---missing. One they hadn't really known was missing. And that was the troubling and embarassing part.

The good news, Nova Requiem had finally turned up. With Vahz disease, poor thing, and naturally unable to take out Patient Zero to get the cure by herself but Bella had managed to get hold of yount Ratt Murdock and among the three of them they'd made pretty short work of the lab full of Vahz.

That kid is training up to be one heck of a fighter. And a heck of a good heart, too.. Get your mind back on the subject, Bell.

The bad news. She was looking for her uncle. Registered to CCCP---then, like Nova, nothing. OK, it was before Bella had computerized everything but---


No excuses. They'd lost a comrade. It was time to find him.

To: All Comrades
From: Belladonna Aura
Subject: Missing Comrade
Dist: Comm/PDA logon screen

Very recently the CCCP has re-established contact with Comrade Nova Requiem. She requests aid in searching for her missing uncle, Krasniy Oktyabr, who was supposed to have joined the CCCP within recent months. I find record of him joining and no other records. Please in your patrols, aid your Comrade in this search. and report any contact.

To: All Comrades
From: Belladonna Aura
Subject: Krasniy Oktyabr
Distr: Daily briefing

Folks, we have fallen on our faces. We've had not one, but two comrades fall through the cracks, Nova Requiem and her uncle Krasniy Oktyabr. We register them then....they drop out of sight and out of our minds. This is nyet good. We've retrieved Nova and I have gotten her registered on the patroling files, so if you see her logged in make sure to offer her all possible support. However, no sign of her uncle.

I don't know what's happened to him; I have no way of tracking him. He might have had a CCCP comm/PDA at one point but there's no signal from it now. All I can say is watch for him. In light of what happened to Komrad Vex, who knows what's gone on. Injury and amnesia, Kheldian fusion, some other wierd alien taking up residence or....yeah...another charming little device stuck in his cranium. If you suspect the latter, contact me diredly or indirectly immediately and we'll try an EMP on him.

Consider this a high priority. Who are we, what are we, if we can't take care of our own?

Belladonna Aura