I Will Remember You

(posted Thursday, December 08, 2005)

Nova Requiem leaned back in her chair, causing it to creak in protest. She rubbed her eyes. How long had she been staring at the computer monitor, anyway? She felt like she was back in school, working on a huge research paper. There weren't many computers in the classrooms of Volgograd, though. Then again, they didn't have mechanical robots dismantling the city and abducting people for their cause, either.

Nataliya had gone over her report three times since finishing it, checking meticulously for any errors. Fatigue was setting in, and no amount of coffee could fight it off. She had been unintentionally depriving herself of sleep, despite comrade Victrix's suggestion not to worry herself overly much about this matter. The Rebuild Paragon Congress was there for her; all she had to do was exercise that infamous Russian patience she was supposed to possess.

And finally, that patience had paid off. She knew how to find her uncle.

In theory, anyway. Nova Requiem didn't have the means of finding Krasniy Oktyabr on her own. No, this was going to require special assistance. This is what the report was all about. The hard part had been finding any evidence to work with. No matter how many Clockwork she and the others of the Congress "questioned", none of the automatons were forthcoming with the whereabouts of a human in their midst. Nor had there been any further instances of uncle Sasha's voice speaking through the robots. If it hadn't been for similar investigations being conducted by Tom Bowden...

Nataliya had been shocked to get a panicked call from the man. He had enlisted the young mutant's aid in tracking down a working Clockwork power source. The search wasn't bearing fruit, until the pieces Bowden had collected had come to life and had taken over his lab. Nova Requiem rushed to the scene, dispatched the Clockwork to prevent them from tearing the place apart and making off with valuable data. In gratitude, Tom Bowden gave Nataliya a copy of his findings, wishing her all the best of luck in tracking down her uncle. After days of poring through the near-incomprehensible information and taking apart many defunct Clockwork power sources, there was a plan.

Nataliya swallowed the last of her now-cold coffee and skimmed the report one last time. Everything was in order. The plan was insane. In all reality, she doubted it would even work. But to borrow the expression, it was just crazy enough that it might work. All that was left was to write up a cover letter, transmit it to the Congress and wait.

To: All member groups of Rebuild Paragon Congress
From: Nova Requiem, Coalition of Communist Crusaders for the Proletariat
Re: The Hunt for Krasniy Oktyabr


First, I wish to express sincere gratitude for all efforts in this cause. It was big thing to ask, searching for one lost man in huge city, and a complete stranger at that.

Now, there is light at end of tunnel. I have compiled everything learned into report attached to this letter. Is a long read, yes, and probably contains much already familiar with senior members of Congress. So in summation: Study has revealed that Clockwork are ingenious devices, their power sources harnessing and utilizing psychic energy. This suggests that Clockwork collective mind is also psychic in nature. Included in my report is also study into nature of psychic phenomena.

Studies suggest that most individuals possess unique psychic "signature". If all evidence so far is correct, and Aleksandr Stanislav's mind is still intact in the Clockwork collective, his signature can be sought out and isolated.

And this is where I beseech help. Having no psychic powers, I cannot conduct this search. To all with psychic abilities, I ask for your aid. This idea may very well not work, but is only idea that might: Secure a Clockwork power source by whatever means you deem fit. By refilling the device with psychic energies, it is conceivably possible to get it operating again and seek out the mind of Krasniy Oktyabr. You will need a basic imprint of his psychic signature, and for this I willingly allow all capable to scan my mind for memories of him. Comrade Seraphic Flame has been closest to my mind so far, and might be able to help in this process.

Good luck to you all. I wish nothing more than to put this sordid chapter of our lives to rest.

S Priznatel'nost'iu,

Nova Requiem

((Translation: I'll be on frequently as Krasniy Oktyabr in the next few days. Any psychics in the house [hell, anyone with reasonable access to a psychic], give a /tell. It's time for me to stop pussyfooting around and just get this over with, for many reasons.))