Report To Red Menace re: Metamorphosis 3

From the Story Arc: Mojiotok: Metamorphosis

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(posted Saturday, July 31, 2004)


I took a look at Moj’s samples that we took from him the other day. I was lookin’ to see if there was anything viral or bacterial in his system that might have made his system react. I know I’m not exactly an expert on this, so we need to pull in a pro later to verify or shoot down my theory…

It wasn’t bacterial, that I’m damn positive about. There wasn’t anything in his system that doesn’t occur in most people. This seemed really odd considering what we saw… Viral? I’m not sure… my understanding of viral is it’s sort of a reverse engineering process where you find out exactly what’s wrong, then you need a suitable sample of individuals to verify your findings based on the odds… like I said, we need a pro.

But there’s nothing in his system that’s causing this that I could find. He’s burning oxygen and nutrients at an extraordinary rate (since I have him at the base, I took some extra samples at various times) but he’s replacing them with almost no thermodynamic loss from external sources (he seems to know he can replace it through blood). If my numbers are right, he’s one of the most efficient machines on the planet. This is why the plasma you brought him didn’t work and he went into a rage… he needs the nutrients and oxygen in the Red Blood Cells. The plasma was just water to him… he was starvin’.

I started checking to see if this was some kind of synthetic vampirism (it ain’t mystical, I know that for sure) but there wasn’t any evidence of that… well… depending on your definition of vampirism.

I started analyzing the green stuff he emits. It’s blood and marrow, boss… if you left it to rot for weeks. Nasty, vile stuff.

I started tryin’ to figure out how somebody that is healin’ like crazy with superhuman efficiency could have their insides rottin’ out. I was bustin’ my head against the wall, then I remembered somethin’ that went on durin’ the fight… Heavy and I could barely hold him… but when I started to look at everything else that was happenin’ at the time (even ran a mission the next day and had Moj along for observation… I know, I should have kept him under wraps… but I think you’ll find the results worth it) we shouldn’t have had anywhere near that problem with him. Then I started looking at Heavy and I and what we do… set aside HOW we do it and you find that, according to a few of the theoretical physics theories out there… notably, String Theory, Heavy and I both have abilities that redefine or affect the passage of time. I started playin’ with a few what ifs and here is what I’ve come up with…

The reason nothing showed up is that there isn’t a mutagen in Moj’s body RIGHT NOW. What I think is happening is that a mutagen was/will be (I hate chronal theory) introduced into his system causing a massive cancerous reaction (abnormal growth of bone and tissue, body can’t sustain added tissue growth, growth is diseased and ‘dead’). What was introduced into his system was a chronal anomaly. This allows him to be introduced to the ‘cancerous’ effects without us being able to find a cause and, therefore… a cure. I think it’s tied to his endochrine system and his ‘fight-or-flight’ instinct. It would make sense with WC… make his golden boy run the risk of killing himself if he does what he was trained to do and he can only live if he runs… ‘A coward dies a thousand deaths’. He’s taunting us, Boss. He’s goading Moj to kill himself out of pride.

Luckily, Moj’s mutagenic nature allowed his body to adapt and fight the advanced disease back… even his system can’t fight an advanced and mutated form of cancer back without a toll… that’s why he’s burnin’ fuel like crazy. His body knows what it needs and the mental stress on Moj makes him come up with the most monstrous solution (since that’s how he views himself now) he can think of… drinkin’ blood. We should be able to fix his physical needs with a vitamin injector (the more his ‘fight’ instinct kicks in, the more nutrients he’ll need). This should take care of the physical aspect… I have no idea how to get his head straight. I also don’t have any idea how to set the injector up… you need to make the call on who can.

Like I said, this is my theory… I may be completely off… but it’s all I got. Need to get with Heavy... see what he found out about the Panther's Metahuman experiments.