Kostyak's journal (7-17)[prelude]

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(posted Saturday, July 17, 2004)

Journal entry 7-17-04

Damn, I know it’s around here somewhere. Where the hell can a wallet go? I know I had it on the Mission that the team took up against Doc Vhaz… It was the regular team plus this new chick, Gato Rojo… good kid, real nice, real social… Hell, even Bestla liked her and Bestla hates everybody… especially women. I even heard Gato likes that idiot, ‘Bug. Nobody likes ‘Bug. Anyway, I was 20$ away from being able to get some new batteries for Bestlas collar so I can get some peace and quiet on a mission. Now, ‘List is talkin’ about how he shouldn’t blast everybody in the room at once cuz they tend to hate that. Damn, that Ice Storm of his almost bought me a new car. Hell, I made more money teamin’ with him than runnin’ with the Skulls. Got my ass kicked about the same, though.

Anyway, Somethin’ was strange when we fought the Doc. It was a rough mission, the team looked like half-a-hell by the time we got past the bastard’s personal guard and every one of his gaggle of freaks that he calls Eleidons. Those things are meaner’ed 10 sons-a-bitches. Seriously, we’re in no shape for a big fight, but it’s a good squad so we decide to jump in anyway to this next room. It’s filled with the bastards but we’re holdin’ our own. It’s rough and we got spread to the four corners. Then, all of a sudden, the Big Man himself comes around the corner right in front of me. He took one shot with that freaked-out arm of his and damn near killed me! I pulled a few tricks out but they didn’t seem to have much effect and the rest of the team was tied up with their own problems. I thought this was the end of the line for me… Then, the weirdest damn thing happened, He flinched. I don’t know why, I damn sure know it wasn’t anything I did and the rest of the team was busy so it wasn’t them. I start unloading into him and it does start to make a dent, but the guy can’t seem to hit jack all of a sudden. Luckily, when he does finally hit, I’ve siphoned off enough of his power to be able to handle it a little better. We go back and forth for close to 30 seconds and I’m actuallty holdin’ my own against him before Unt and the others come in and we make pretty short work of the guy.

Now, I’ve fought damn near my whole life. I know when somebody completely out-classes me in a fight and this guy was as good as ANYBODY I’ve ever seen and he damn sure moved like somebody who had thrown down a time or two and knew what to expect. There was no way I should have walked away from that fight. No. Damn. Way. He should have pasted me. I don’t have the spells or the skill to toe-to-toe with a guy like that. The only thing I can think of… is that somebody wanted us to fight that guy… and somebody wanted us to win. I have no idea who. I was able to get some files out of the place after the others left so I can see if I can get an idea who had it in for this guy. I know that he was a freak and a zealot and those guys don’t really have a big circle of friends… but anybody that could stop the Doc cold like that, could’ve killed him without us. Not only did somebody want the Doc to go down, he wanted to make sure that we did it.

I’d like to talk to my Sensei about this, but Spectre hasn’t been around in a while. Talked to Menace and the rest of the senior team, but they haven’t seen him either. Mystics don’t stick around much and they leave pretty much whenever they want, so I’ll just see what I can find and consult with him later.