From the Story Arc: The Manchurian Incident

(posted Monday, January 16, 2006)

January 9th, 2006
Chernobyl, The Ukraine

The sun was setting over the trees, the light shimmering slowly down the armor of Ivan Grozhny, known to Paragon City as the Ukraine Train.
"It's been almost twenty years..." he thought, walking slowly down the streets of the city where he was born. Ivan intended to visit the site of Yuri Grozhny's death, and return back to the cursed USA, where the CCCP would likely need him.
The city darkened as the shadow of night rushed over it, shrouding Ivan in darkness.

Booted footsteps
Many booted footsteps

Ivan glided up into the darkness and ducked behind the desk of an abandoned restaurant that he used to frequent as a boy. Shadows rounded the corner, illuminated by the soft glow of a streetlight.

Spetznatz , he realized. Several squads, at least fifteen men led by...

"Georgi!" Ivan leapt down from his perch into the midst of the soldiers, and hugged their leader.

The soldiers all raised their guns, but Georgi Butovski batted the closest one down and shook his head.

"Privyet, Comrade Grozhny. You're just the man I was sent to find."

"Nyet, Georgi, I am but here to visit my father's grave. It has been almost twenty years since he died, and since we first met."

"Da, is true, Ivan, but remaining Soviets believe you are only one who can deal with issue. Does the name Hozo Niguchi mean anything to you?"

"Captain Nippon? Da, he led Japanese forces in Manchuria in the Great Patriotic War. Wasn't he killed in Nagasaki?"

"Was fact until today. An attack was led on the Druzhba Pipeline this morning, causing $13 million rubles worth of damage. Camera footage shows clearly Captain Nippon using fire-powers to destroy pipeline. Luckily, when attacking, he teleported accidently into thorn bush, leaving blood samples which matched the DNA we had from the War."

"But why me?"

"You're convenient. I was put in charge of the operation, and intelligence notified us that you would be arriving shortly."

"Comrade, I just wish to return to Paragon City and finish my business there with a certain Doctor."

"No matter, Ukraine Train. You leave immediately. Your mission is to track Captain Nippon, engage him, and defeat him. Understood?"

Ivan sighed and nodded.

"Is horosho."